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I built an efficient swing like Tiger and Immelman. You can, too, with my system! I'll even prove it: Click here to see Before and After pictures of my students.

About Me
I'm Chuck Quinton, founder of Rotary Swing Golf. I've taught golfers of all levels for the past 15 years and now certify other instructors to teach my Rotary Swing Tour (RST) system.

I spent thousands of hours developing the RST with the help of biomechanists, orthopedists, learning experts and others. RST has driven my handicap to 3 strokes better than scratch.
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Why You Should Join Us
  1. Members actually improve
  2. No gimmicks, fads or hype here
  3. ANYONE can perform this swing
  4. System unlike any you've ever seen
  5. No contradictions or confusion
  6. Swing based on the body so it's safe
  7. System based on learning sciences
  8. Personalized help available
  9. Easy to cancel
  10. Free Membership without credit card
  11. No-risk Premium Membership
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I've worked with players on these tours (and others):
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