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Increase Your Lag and Stop Casting the Club!

by Chuck Quinton

Casting the club is one of the most troubling problems for most golfers, costing them power and accuracy. Most golfers don't know what lag really is or how to achieve it. In this video, we give you the drill to stop casting forever and have the perfect amount of lag coming into impact! After doing this swing drill, you will see your swing in positions you've never seen before!

Increase Your Lag!



Quinton Heads to Colorado

Playing his first professional tournament of the year, Rotary Swing founder Chuck Quinton will be heading to Colorado to attempt to qualify for the Colorado Open at Legacy Ridge on Monday, July 21st. Come on out and watch the Rotary Swing in action or follow the scores online here.

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Demo Nakashima Clubs and Matrix Shafts!

Membership has its privileges, and now being a member allows you the ability to demo the best drivers, irons and shafts on the planet! For a nominal fee, you can demo clubs and be "fit" online if you can't make it to Orlando for an in person fitting.

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