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Coming too far from the inside?

by Chuck Quinton

Tired of hitting blocks and hooks and not understanding why? This video discusses the keys to bringing the club back out in front of you in the Rotary Swing to get your divots going left and your ball going straight.

Start hitting the ball straight!



Northeast Ohio Rotary Swing Golf Discussion Group

Looking to discuss the Rotary Swing with other golfers in your area, especially during the upcoming cold winter months? Jack Hill has you covered. Jack is starting a golf discussion group in the NE Ohio area for those interested in getting together and discussing the swing and asking questions. Chuck Quinton will answer your groups questions remotely to make your groups Q&A interactive and productive. To learn more, contact Jack at rotaryswingtalk@me.com

Don't Overlook this Important Mental Skill

If you did not already know, Dr. Patrick Cohn, a world-renowned golf psychology coach has joined the Rotary Swing Forum as a forum expert to help improve your mental game of golf. He’s answered several questions in the forum already.

We also have one of his videos exclusive to vault members. In this video, he discusses the importance of having a focused putting routine. He is a specialist in preshot routines for golf as he did his doctoral study under Bob Rotella on routines.

He has been very generous in sharing his mental game strategies with our forum and vault members. He sent me this tip to share with you today….

What do golfers overlook in their preshot routines? I think they overlook the mental strategies that are critical to a good preshot routine. Every golfer uses a physical routine to help them set up to a shot – you have to do this to aim and set up to a target.

However, many golfers go through the physical motions without mental focus…

They skip the most important part of the preshot routine: pre-swing decision-making. I’m not just talking about club selection. I’m referring to target selection, shot selection, and programming your body to hit a good shot with powerful images.

I call this phase of the routine the “planning and programming” part of the routine. Your planning sets up the entire shot especially your confidence and trust in your ability to hit the shot.

If you pick a difficult target, are unsure of your plan, or second-guess club selection, you will make an indecisive swing at best. You can’t stand over the ball with confidence and trust when your are wavering with your plan.

I encourage golfers to pretend they are on-deck (like a baseball player) behind the ball. You should do all the planning while in the on-deck circle. Once you leave the circle, you commit to the plan and don’t second-guess your approach.

Your mind is then in position to carry out the procedure (over the ball) and execute the shot because you are sending clear signals – not mixed messages – to your body. Your confidence and trust can then flourish.

Dr. Cohn just published an excellent free report to help you improve your preshot routine. It’s called “Six ‘Costly’ Mental Game Mistakes Golfers Make During Their Preshot Routines.”

I suggest you grab a copy for yourself before he pulls it down. Go to his website to get it. While you are there, you can sign up for his Golf Confidence video series.

Here’s the link:




p.s. In addition to being an expert on preshot routine, Dr. Cohn wrote the book on how to go low when you are playing well – literally – it’s called “Going Low.”

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