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by Chuck Quinton

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If I had to pick one swing to be an exact model of in the golfing world, I wouldn't pick Tiger Woods, Ernie Els or any other top player that might come to mind. Nope, I would pick Adrian Wadey, the same guy you've seen on the DVD's with me. When it comes down to everything I look for in a golf swing, this guy has it. Effortless power, core driven rotary motion, superb accuracy, you name it, this swing has it. In this video, we take an in depth look at his swing from down the line and discuss all aspects of his swing, from setup to impact and follow through.


With Adrian and I being good friends and having played countless rounds of golf together, I'm obviously very familiar with his golf swing. I've helped him with his swing as he has helped me with mine and I even caddied for him a few years ago at PGA Tour Qualifying School. Even after all that, I still never get bored watching him hit golf balls.


In the sequence below, you can see Adrian performing many Rotary Swing fundamentals. At address, his hands hang naturally while he has a good spine tilt and good flex in the knees. At the top, he's in a solid position with his hands opposite his right shoulder. At impact, his hips and shoulders are open to the target line showing that he rotated his entire body very well through this shot.


6 iron golf shot

An all around great Rotary Golf Swing!




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