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Sam Snead one planer? View Video
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Jim Hardy has made multiple references to Sam Snead as being one of the "ultimate" one planer. In this video, I discuss Snead's beautiful, effortless swing and the things that may look somewhat different than what you'd expect to see in a model one planer.


For instance, in the picture to the left, you can clearly see Snead's left arm position is well above his shoulder plane and his club shaft is across the line. Does this mean he is a two planer? No, according to Hardy, this means he is a one planer with a very long swing and a lot of flexibility. In the video, you will be able to see how Snead does in fact fit the mold of a one plane swinger and see how similar both Hogan and Snead's swings actually were even though they appeared very different on the surface.

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