The Fundamental Flaws of Biomechanical Research of the Golf Swing
by Chuck Quinton of Rotary Swing

Rotary Swing Tour Overview Balance Exercises
A complete overview of the RST golf swing.
Functional Bridge Inner Thigh Exercise Back Stabilize Exercise Push vs. Pull
Key for understanding the golf swing.
Core Rotation Exercise Weight Shift Part 1 Weight Shift Part 2 Weight Shift Part 3
Develop the muscles you use to power your rotation in the swing. Uses the SAM Balance Lab to teach weight shift. The Right Hip Line in the backswing. The weight shift back to the left.
O'Hair vs. Woods Common Faults by Setup Biomechanics of Takeaway Shoulder Elevation
The RST moves of Woods and O'Hair. Most common swing faults caused by faulty setups. Learn the key muscular movements of the takeaway. Understanding shoulder elevation.
Role of the Right Arm / Takeaway Posture's Effect on Takeaway Muscle Activation Tiger Woods Biomechanics
How the right arm and wrist function in the takeaway. How your posture affects your takeaway. What is muscle activation in the golf swing? Learn the secrets to Tiger Woods biomechanics in the swing.
Completing the Backswing The Downswing Creating a Swing Plane Bad Ball Position
Move 2 or how to complete the backswing. How the muscles work in the downswing. What creates a swing plane? Effects of bad ball position.
9-3 Drill The Follow Through Follow Through Faults Tiger Woods Not Stuck
The key drill to developing the RST swing. Keys for a proper follow through. Most common faults in the follow through. How Tiger avoids getting stuck in the downswing.
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