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The Rotary Swing Book

by Chuck Quinton

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View Golf Fitness Intermediate Leg Exercises Video

The stability of the lower body is crucial to a powerful and dependable golf swing. It is the foundation for your golf swing and no less important than the foundation of a house. It is your anchor to the ground and as they say in rock climbing, if you ain't got a great anchor, you ain't got nothing. So how do you strengthen the lower body for a one plane swing? I have two excellent exercises in this video for the intermediate athlete that if performed just a few times per week will dramatically increase the coordination and control of your lower body.


As you perform these exercises, focus on exploding up with everything you have while maintaining control and rhythm, just as you would in a golf swing. You will only get out of the exercises what you put into them, so don't be afraid to push yourself with some intensity, and as always, be sure to fully warm up before performing these or any other exercises and get your doctor's permission.


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