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Golf Swing Impact Position Video Series

A full video series dedicated to understanding the proper impact position and how to achieve it in the golf swing.

The Proper Impact Position in the Golf Swing

swinging over the top

Impact Series Video #1
"Swing Over the Top"
in the Rotary Swing, a feeling of swinging over the top for many golfers is actually a good thing. Watch this video to understand why.

hitting a half shot

Impact Series Video #2
Flat Left Wrist and Half Shots
Learn the tricks to developing a flat left wrist at impact by properly hitting half shots.

driver impact position

Impact Series Video #3
Driver vs. Irons Impact
Learn the differences between the driver and irons impact positions.

proper golf grip

Impact Series Video #4
Importance of a Proper Grip

Finally, an explanation on WHY a proper grip is worth learning as it petains with impact.

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