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The Rotary Swing Book

by Chuck Quinton

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Watch "Putting Face Angle with the Laser Line Training Aid" Video


putting laser line training aidUnderstanding exactly what the face angle of the putter should be doing throughout the stroke is a hotly debated and widely misunderstood concept in the putting world. In this video, using the Laser Line Putting Training Aid (available in our online store) we show you exactly how the putter face works throughout the stroke and disspell the misconception of the face remaining square throughout. In fact, the putter face will rotate slightly in relation to the target line but will remain SQUARE TO THE PLANE. This is impossible to gauge with the naked eye just how much, but using the Laser Line and Putting Plane and it is very simple to turn an average putting stroke into a PGA Tour caliber stroke in minutes.


The Laser Line will probably scare you the first time you use it. You will be absolutely shocked at how much the face is rotating incorrectly throughout your stroke, but with a few minutes of practice you will be sending your ball on your intended line like never before. The Laser Line and the Putting Plane System are just as good as having an $800 high speed camera and putting system such as the TOMI, but much simpler and easier to setup. It simply snaps onto your shaft and turn it on!






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