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The Rotary Swing Book

by Chuck Quinton

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Rotary Swing Golf Instruction DVD's
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Over 100 Exclusive One Plane, Two Plane and Rotary Swing Golf Instruction Videos

A dozen mental game articles covering the "Mushin Golf" technique to lower scores

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Member Benefits

  1. 1. On average, our members shave at least 3 strokes off their game and many by as much as 10 and KEEP them off. It's not a one hit wonder, these are real world stats over a series of rounds of golf!
  2. 2. Our industry first, proprietary "5 Step Game Improvepment Cycle" that has cut the average member's score by as many as 10 strokes per round!
  3. 3. Access to over 100 exclusive streaming instruction videos and written articles on the swing, short game, putting, mental game, you name it, it's coveredl
  4. 4. Access to a Members Only forum where you can ask Chuck Quinton questions directly
  5. 5. Each month, new articles and videos are produced that pertain directly to learning the golf swing and playing the game in general.
  6. 6. Weekly updated emails that let you know your vital scoring stats and trends.
  7. 7. Discounts on downloadable golf instruction videos - as low as $1.99 per video!
  8. 8. New! StatTracker application allows you to track all your stats online and compare your stats with all the other forum members and PGA Tour professionals!

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  9. 9. New! GameConsole application monitors every aspect of your game utilizing your online swing profile and StatTracker information and recommends drills and videos specifically for your game!

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  10. 10. New!! Practice Planner revolutionizes the way you practice! Now you too can maximize your practice times the same way the pros do with out proprietary software. It is setup so that you, your coach or one of the coaches here at OnePlaneGolfSwing.com can fill it out for you and you can take it to the course. This is the same tool that Chuck Quinton uses with his professional golfers on Tour!

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