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"Chuck, I thought my day working with you was certainly one of my lifetime golfing highlights.  I learned more from you in a few hours than all my lessons combined in a lifetime."
- Chris Reither, after picking up 10 mph clubhead speed after one lesson with Chuck Quinton

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"The site is AMAZING Chuck! Better than anything else on the internet!"
Neil Murphy, 11-29-2009

"Definitely the best web site on the net."
Raz5219, 11-28-2009 from the forum

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Here's another testimonial from a golfer just like you:

"Hi Chuck!

As an amateur and in the first few years of my professional career I was a straight hitter with a decent short game.  I did OK, but always struggled on big golf courses or in bad weather because I just didn't hit the ball far enough.  I always felt I was under pressure, because I was working hard to make pars, and wasn't picking up easy birdies on the par 5's. 

I felt like I was hitting the ball as hard as could, but wasn't getting any extra yards, and was often out driven by my playing partners.  I wasn't a consistent ball striker, which meant I was always putting pressure on my short game and putting.  When I was sharp, I could compete, but when my short game or putting was a bit off, I missed cuts.  The game was changing too, especially at the professional level, becoming much more about distance off the tee, and less about straight hitting and consistency.

I was getting really frustrated, I went to see a few different coaches, went to the gym, changed equipment, none of which really helped.  It felt like the harder I worked, the harder I tried to hit it further, the worse I was playing.  My game was going nowhere, and I was not enjoying the game that I had chosen as my career.  Getting a proper job was starting to seem like an attractive option.

Luther and I often discussed the golf swing, with regard to the best way to use Explanar, his concept of the swing plane, and what other top coaches and the best players were doing and saying about the golf swing.   One day we got talking about Jim Hardy and his concept of there being two 'different' swings for different body types, a 'one plane swing', with the club moving around the body, and a 'two plane swing', with the arms and hands lifting the club and the overall swing plane being much more upright. 

This was interesting.  I had been trying to get my hands higher and wider in the backswing looking for more power.  But it just felt very weak and disconnected.  I realised I was probably a more natural one planer, but had been trying to build a two plane swing.  I did some more reading, and started to understand that power in the golf swing came from the rotation of the body, rather than from the hands and arms.

I was searching for more information about Hardy's ideas, when I came across www.RotarySwing.com.  It is a website run by Florida based golf coach Chuck Quinton.  There was a video of Chuck hitting a six iron, and his swing was awesome.  That immediately made me sit up and take notice.  There are very few good golf coaches who can actually walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.  Chuck is a similar size and build to me, and he was hitting a six iron about 185 yards  with what looked like absolutely no effort at all.  I read some of his articles about the fundamental movement of the golf swing being a rotation, and the penny dropped.  I joined the site, started working on a few of the drills and within a couple of weeks had a completely new feeling for my golf swing.

I remember emailing a video of my swing to Chuck at the end of 2005.  The first thing he said was, 'You have a good golf swing. Why do you want to change it?'  I explained to him the problems I was having with distance and consistency of strike.  He came back with a couple of drills to focus on and we talked about the feeling I was looking for.  Over the winter of 2005 and spring of 2006 I must have hit thousands of golf balls on the Duchess Course practice ground at Woburn.  I would email Chuck on my Blackberry while I was practising, and he would come back to me with answers and pointers to keep me moving in the right direction.

This was a really valuable experience for me, in terms of learning how I learned.  I didn't have a coach standing there telling me what to do,  I had to just try it, feel it, watch the ball flight and interpret what was happening, then do it again.  This meant I went down a few wrong turns and blind alleys before I understood what Chuck was saying and could really feel how my body should be working.  This has been extremely valuable when I started teaching other people, because I have made a similar journey to the one they are on. 

I can honestly say that Rotary Swing has completely revolutionised the way I think about the golf swing, the way I swing the club and hit the golf ball.  The website is without a doubt the best golf instruction resource anywhere on the internet.  I am hitting the best golf shots of my life now, and I am having great success teaching Chuck's ideas to my students, of all ages, and abilities from beginners to scratch golfers. 

I had a ton of information in my head from books, websites and various other coaches and sources in my head.  Information isn't understanding.  What Chuck was saying seemed to join all the dots up. It was like I had a box full of jigsaw pieces that I had been trying to fit together for years.  All of a sudden I had the lid to the box with the picture on it.

The difference in my ball striking has been huge.  I used to carry the ball 230 yards with my driver.  I can now carry it 280 if I need to.  I can hit a 4 iron high and stop it, rather than having to carry a 7 wood like I used to.  I feel like I am swinging within myself now, rather than operating right on the limit, and sometimes over it.  Bottom line, my golf is so much more fun than it used to be.  If Luther's concepts provided the chassis and the steering for my golf swing, Chuck's understanding of the way the body moves has provided the engine.  Before Rotary Swing I was running on 3 cylinders, I now have a V8 !

I am really happy to become an Affiliate of RotarySwing.com.  I believe it is the best learning resource on the internet for golfers of all levels and abilities.  I swing the club this way myself, and many of my students are playing the best golf of their lives by applying these concepts.  But it isn't just the technical side of the game that impressed me.  Chuck's philosophy about the golf swing, about the way we learn, and about the game of golf itself are similar to my own.  The golf swing is just a part of the game of golf, and that what you learn about yourself through the game is at least as important as what you learn about hitting a golf ball. 

I have been a member of the site since 2005 and consider the $15 I pay every month as the best investment in my game and in my coaching business that I could make.  I am really looking forward to seeing the new stuff that Chuck and Alison are working on, and to taking my own game and those of my students to the next level.  Thanks Chuck!"

Sam Jarman, UK Golf Profesional



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