Rhythm and Flow
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Many golfers learning the one plane swing tend to neglect the rhythm aspect necessary in any golf swing. Ask any PGA Tour professional what role rhythm plays in their swing and you will get the same answer - they're always working on it. That's how important rhythm is. While timing is not as critical in the one plane swing while compared to the two plane swing, rhythm is the glue that holds any golf swing together. Unfortunately, the way the golf swing has been taught for decades has made it impossible for any golfer to learn rhythm because they are too fixated on positions in the swing. The swinging motion of the club is a thousand times more important than the positions of the club. The club must be allowed to flow throughout the swing and "go through" the proper positions rather than be manipulated into those positions. Even more interesting is that swinging the club with a sense of rhythm is more apt to allow the club to flow through the proper positions on a much more consistent basis than trying to manipulate the club into position throughout the swing.
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