What Starts the Swing?
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One of the most common questions I hear almost every week is "what starts the golf swing?" Without fail, the golfer is trying to find something specific on what to move first or a swing thought to start the swing back "correctly." When I hear a question like this, it generally sets off an alarm in my head letting me know this person is trying to be to "perfect" and mechanical with their swing. One of the most important keys to building a repeatable golf swing is making it as athletic and natural as possible and that's why I always provide the same answer to this question. Everything starts the club back, everything in the sense that you want all your muscles working together without any one piece taking over the other. That's why I emphasize what I call a "bump start" to get the swing under way. This simple little move goes a long way to freeing up unnecessary tension in the swing and helps improve rhythm.
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