Is THIS the Reason You’re Still Struggling w/ Your Golf Swing? Perhaps it’s Not Your Fault…

As a golf instructor for over 20 years, that’s not something I say to my students very often! It usually is the indian and not the arrow!

However, if you’ve taken countless golf lessons and are still struggling with your swing, listen up because it likely isn’t your fault.

Learning how to swing a golf club properly takes a lot of effort, but if you’re practicing the wrong things, how can you expect to ever improve? You can’t and you should expect to fall flat on your face.

Think about it this way. Imagine you were taught to drive a car with your right foot on the brake and your left foot on the gas. What kind of results would you expect to get?

Probably a few dented fenders!

Now, look at the places you normally get your golf swing information from. Probably YouTube (you get what you pay for!), a golf magazine or TV.

Well, if you’ve spent even the slightest amount of time looking at any of those you’ve no doubt noticed one undeniable truth – they all contradict each other!

One instructor says you should have a weak golf grip, the other says a strong grip. Which is right? How do you know?

The problem is that the fundamentals of the golf swing, well, there don’t seem to be any really if you ask your average pro as he no doubt teaches something entirely different than the next guy right down the street!

It’s insanity!

Imagine if you were taught math this way. Two plus two equals…


Depends on who you ask!!

For me, this is completely unacceptable and the entire golf industry should be ashamed that they haven’t taken the time and resources to develop one teaching methodology that everyone was trained to teach that was based on how the body was DESIGNED to move safely, powerfully and efficiently!

Well, luckily, I did exactly that and the culmination of that was the Rotary Swing Tour methodology that you can learn here.

And every single Certified RST Instructor goes through the exact same training program and testing process so that they’re all teaching the exact same thing. What a novel idea!

You mean your instructors actually have to learn anatomy, biomechanics, physics and neuro-mechanics to be able to teach the golf swing?


How else would you expect to help someone truly improve?

I know you’ve taken lots of lessons and found your results to be erratic at best, that’s why you’re still online searching for some magic elixir to your golf swing.

Well, the fountain of youth awaits you at!

Here’s what a couple of our members have to say:

“#1 problem…….. lack of motivation to play mini tours/PGA regional  
tournaments.  Golf feels easy since going to Rotary, love the videos  
and it’s great to have one thing to stick too so hopefully things can  
still work out!” – Ian B.

First let me say how happy I am that I joined the Academy I almost  
didn’t as I’m a great procrastinator and even though I intellectually  
get what you teach I haven’t been putting in the time and work to  
ingrain what you teach. You go into such great detail in the Academy  
that I get it now and am already seeing the difference just getting  
the backswing done right. I’m feeling so much more loaded up into my  
right side with good axis tilt and its just getting better as I keep  
putting in the reps.”  – Brad G.

Take a look at this video to see why you’re not improving your golf swing as fast you think you should!

Author: Chuck Quinton

Author: Chuck Quinton is the founder of Rotary Swing Golf, a biomechanical and physics based approach to learning a safe and powerful golf swing. He was the first to online golf lessons and developed the first online golf instruction website.

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