The BEST Golf Lag Drill – Must Watch!

If you’re struggling with lag in your golf swing and want more like you see in the golf instruction video above, then check out this new, simple drill you can do indoors!

Using an impact bag, you can give yourself a safe buffer zone to swing over that will force you to maintain the wrist angle and, as a sweet bonus, help you get into the perfect golf impact position with shaft lean.

You see, lag is one of the most important parts of the golf swing as it accounts for 2/3’s of your over all club head speed.

Yep, leverage is that important! So, learning how to live the motto of “Create, Maintain and RELEASE lag” is your most important fundamental skill that you must learn as a golfer!

To make it simple, go to and search for lag and you’ll get all the golf instruction videos you need to become a lag monster!