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One would think that would be common sense. If every student of Ms. Jones' math class couldn't add at the end of the semester, would we try to invent a better mechanical pencil? No, of course not. We'd look at the instruction these kids received and make the necessary changes. The same needed to be done in golf instruction and we have done exactly that. RotarySwing is the first golf swing methodology based on the biomechanics of the golf swing from a completely unbiased and objective point of view with a learning system based on how the brain actually learns new movement patterns. It took a team of golf instructors, biomechanists, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and personal trainers to develop the methology that has formed the basis for the Rotary Swing Tour golf swing.

"We have COMPLETELY CHANGED the face of golf instruction."

"Learning is a biological process."

Read that again. When you learn a new movement pattern, a new physical pathway has to be created and that pathway has to be "insulated" with myelin through repetition in order for it to become more efficient. This is the ONLY way that your brain learns a new movement pattern and this process takes time and repetition doing the new movements correctly. The other thing that you must understand is that your brain does not learn at full speed. I wish it did, but it simply learns best by breaking things down into smaller pieces and repeating them in slow motion.

It's no different than learning to play guitar. The first time you pick up the guitar, tou wouldn't just start strumming away, playing every chord perfectly. You would feel slow and clumsy at first as your fingers hunt and peck for the right position. But, repeat this process over and over very slowly and your nervous system builds a pathway. Through continued "deep practice" as Dan Coyle calls it in his book, "The Talent Code", this pathway becomes insulated with more myelin, helping you perform the movements with less and less conscious thought. So, if you're out on the range swinging at full speed trying to change your golf swing, you are completely wasting your time. The best player in the world doesn't practice that way, neither should you.

tiger woods swing"Tiger Woods practices the same way we teach."

Living in Windermere, FL, I've been lucky enough to play and practice at Isleworth where the best player in the world, Tiger Woods, lives and practices. One day I was hitting balls on the range and glanced over at Tiger working on his takeaway. He was only taking the club to parallel to the ground without hitting a ball, even though there was a nice pile of brand new Nike golf balls at his feet. I didn't think much of it and turned away, continuing to pound balls. Every few minutes, I'd glance over at Tiger and noticed he still had not struck a single ball and was still practicing his takeaway drill in slow motion. This went on for 45 minutes before he ever struck a ball, after which he hit only ONE ball and then went right back to drilling his takeaway. TIGER WOODS KNOWS HOW THE BRAIN LEARNS NEW MOVEMENT PATTERNS - AND SO DO WE.


"Start learning like Tiger Woods - right now!"

If you're ready to start learning to swing the golf club like Tiger Woods and are tired of the same old "band-aid" golf lessons, you've finally found your home for golf. Our entire learning system is online and you can start learning immediately upon signing up! Start enjoying golf again. For the first time in your life, learn the TRUE fundamentals of the golf swing while following a learning system that Tiger Woods practices himself. If you're ready, you can get started with our online golf videos right now by simply clicking the link below!

online golf videosYes! I'm ready to actually IMPROVE! I want to start RIGHT NOW!

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Practice anywhere, anytime and never have to drag along DVDs with you. Much of learning the Rotary Swing is designed to be done indoors without a golf club, especially during the initial phase. So, if you travel, this is the PERFECT golf learning system for you as you can do it anywhere you have internet access!

sam jarman golf"I can honestly say that Rotary Swing has completely revolutionized the way I think about the golf swing.


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