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"Swing Plane Made Simple" TM
One Plane Golf Swing DVD

"Short Game Made Simple" COMING SOON
Scheduled to start shipping around Mid November, 2005

The DVD is now shipping!!! My good friend (www.AdrianWadey.com) and I have completed the DVD and all copies have been shipped as of 6/23/05. The DVD covers the six following key aspects of the one plane swing:

1. Address
2. Backswing
Top of the Swing & Transition
4. Downswing

5. Impact

6. Follow Through

We will also be addressing many of the questions that you have been posting in the forums. Keep checking back as we will be posting updates to this page and the forums.

Price: $49.95! + $4.95 Shipping and Handling in the Continental US

If you are outside the US, you can pay directly through PayPal by sending money with the following shipping amounts included to cjquinton@yahoo.com Go directly to www.PayPal.com to pay if ordering outside the US and click "Send Money". In the note, simply enter "Swing Plane Made Simple" DVD order.

Shipping and Handling to Canada is $8 US
Shipping to Europe is $9 US
Shipping to Asia - please email

Pay with any major credit card or your PayPal account securely through PayPal below.

Read what others are saying about the DVD:

"Well, it's all I hoped it was. And less. What I mean is, those that were hoping the DVD would really get into all the micro-technicals, slo-mo analysis, swing dissection etc, you will be disappointed. But you shouldn't be. Because the DVD shows you that all that stuff is crap! It is not necessary or even a part of the 1PS. It really is as simple as you have heard."

"If your a serious golfer this DVD is better than winning the lottery. I read Jim Hardy's article in Golf Digest and bought his book which led me to this website. I believe Mr. Hardy's book is too analitical and complicated. I received the DVD yesterday and have been at the range for 2 days. Folks, this is the real deal. I am a CPA and always over-analyise things and have not improved much in many years ( I am a 12 handicap). This DVD wipes the blackboard clean so to speak and makes the swing SIMPLE. I am striking the ball as never before WITHOUT thinking of anything."

“Got the DVD today. It's straightforward and easy to follow. So much simpler than Hardy's book. Thanks.”

"Just watched the DVD..twice. Excellent and very clear. Firmed up a couple things I was not 100% sure about."

"Chuck, great job on the video!! It is very easy to understand and clarified several questions that I had. I received the video on Saturday and played golf on Sunday. Shot an 83 with a couple of pulled shots. however as soon as I pulled them I recognized that I came unconnected from my left chest muscle. At least now I know why I am pulling shots which has been my killer."