When it comes to the golf swing, there are just as many ways to swing the club as there are ways to put the ball in the hole. There are golfers who swing the club very upright and those who swing more flat; swings that are wide and those that are narrow. Each golf swing "expert" has his or her own unique take on which way is better which begs the question: Which way is right and which is wrong?

The truth is neither is right nor wrong, but there is a way that is "better" for most golfers. Note that I didn't say ALL golfers, I said most. So, who am I referring to when I say most? I'm referring to the 95% of you out there who don't have your name on your bag, don't have nearly the amount of time you wished you had to practice and those who still want to have a normal life outside of obsessing over your golf swing. The vast majority of golfers out there need a golf swing that is SIMPLE, REPEATABLE, and EASY TO UNDERSTAND and MAINTAIN. Enter - The Rotary Golf Swing.

The Rotary Swing is the phrase I coined to describe the way I teach the golf swing to the majority of the golfing world. It is a swing that fits the four main requirements of the golf swing listed above. It is a conventional golf swing that you can demonstrated in the photos below and is chock full of effortless power. It is the future of golf for the majority of amateur golfers out there, and if you're reading this article, that likely means you!

What are the benefits of the Rotary Swing? For starters, no more countless hours in front of a mirror working on your technique. The swing is very easy to understand and implement and learn on your own. No more wondering where your swing went after the first five holes. After learning the fundamentals of the Rotary Swing, you will be able to immediately understand your missed shots, what caused them and how to correct them. It's low maintenance. Work on the very simple swing drills and your swing is finally able to run on automatic. It's conventional. No one wants there golf swing to look like Moe Norman's, no matter how well he hit the ball. You will have a classical looking golf swing that not only looks great, but works great too.

In the upcoming articles, you will be learning the foundation of the Rotary Golf Swing and the drills to help you groove it in no time fast so you can start experiencing the most effortless golf shots you've ever hit.