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"The site is AMAZING Chuck! Better than anything else on the internet!" - Neil Murphy, 11-29-2009

Simplify and improve your golf swing with golf instruction from PGA Tour golf instructor and playing professional, Chuck Quinton.

Start improving your golf swing with our online golf videos - FREE TRIAL!

simple golf swing

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Learn the golf swing online lessons ONLINE GOLF LESSONS Instructor Chuck Quinton (author of "The Rotary Swing" and the "..Made Simple" golf instruction DVD series).

golf coaches have played and taught golf at the professional level and are sure to get your golf swing in shape just as they have with thousands of golfers before. Top golf instruction

Our unique online golf instruction movie format allows you to watch your golf lesson anytime and from anywhere! Now you can improve your golf swing while you're traveling for work, vacation or just up late at night! Many of the swing drills we prescribe can be done right in the comfort of your living room!


golf instruction book

is absolutely awesome. I have no need for the other golf swing books I have sitting on my shelf.  This is THE golf swing book to have.

The Rotary Swing golf instruction book is the SIMPLEST WAY TO LEARN and IMPROVE THE GOLF SWING, period! Stop looking for free online golf tips and start improving your golf swing with simple yet powerful golf swing mechanics that will IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME TODAY!

The SIMPLEST GOLF INSTRUCTION VIDEOS for improving your golf game today! The One Plane / Rotary Swing golf instruction DVD's have received rave reviews from all golfers of all levels! Thousands of these golf swing instruction DVD's have been sold helping golfers shave more than 10 strokes off their games! Don't take our word for it, read what others have said about these golf instruction videos in our golf forum! What golfers are saying:Before I watched these golf DVD's, I was shooting 105's almost all the time.

Tiger Woods Swing Sequence - Golf Swing Analysis and Breakdown by Chuck Quinton

stack and tilt golf swingStack And Tilt vs Rotary Swing - Understand the Stack & Tilt and Rotary Golf Swings

stack and tilt golf swingGolf Instruction Book - The simplest way to improve your golf swing

stack and tilt golf swingRotary Swing DVD's - Ultimate golf swing instruction DVD series

matrix golf shaftsPick up 30 Yards!
Get fit for a new driver and pick up 30+ yards off the tee with Matrix Shafts and Nakashima Heads!

online golf swing instructionOnline Golf Instruction
Join thousands of other golfers who have improved their golf swing through our innovative online golf swing instruction!
passive armsPassive Arms
One of the most popular online golf swing instruction videos to date, this video will have you hitting the most solid shots of your life!
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