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"The site is AMAZING Chuck! Better than anything else on the internet!" - Neil Murphy, 11-29-2009

Simplify and improve your golf swing with golf instruction from PGA Tour golf instructor and playing professional, Chuck Quinton.

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Learn the golf swing online lessons ONLINE GOLF LESSONS Instructor Chuck Quinton (author of "The Rotary Swing" and the "..Made Simple" golf instruction DVD series).

golf coaches have played and taught golf at the professional level and are sure to get your golf swing in shape just as they have with thousands of golfers before. Top golf instruction

Our unique online golf instruction movie format allows you to watch your golf lesson anytime and from anywhere! Now you can improve your golf swing while you're traveling for work, vacation or just up late at night! Many of the swing drills we prescribe can be done right in the comfort of your living room!


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is absolutely awesome. I have no need for the other golf swing books I have sitting on my shelf.  This is THE golf swing book to have.

The Rotary Swing golf instruction book is the SIMPLEST WAY TO LEARN and IMPROVE THE GOLF SWING, period! Stop looking for free online golf tips and start improving your golf swing with simple yet powerful golf swing mechanics that will IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME TODAY!

The SIMPLEST GOLF INSTRUCTION VIDEOS for improving your golf game today! The One Plane / Rotary Swing golf instruction DVD's have received rave reviews from all golfers of all levels! Thousands of these golf swing instruction DVD's have been sold helping golfers shave more than 10 strokes off their games! Don't take our word for it, read what others have said about these golf instruction videos in our golf forum! What golfers are saying:Before I watched these golf DVD's, I was shooting 105's almost all the time.

"Stop Chasing Band-Aid Fixes for Your Golf Swing"

Learn your first true golf swing fundamental by the end of this page!

You know who you are and what I'm referring to! If you're the golfer who tries every new tip that comes out in Golf Digest or Golf Magazine each month and you have a subscription to "Golf Tips Magazine" then you are exactly whom I'm referring to. Aren't you tired of chasing swing tips like they're hot stock picks and tired of "chopping wood" on the driving range before every round of golf?. What is chopping wood? W-o-o-d stands for swing thoughts that "Work Only One Day". Aren't you finally ready to learn what the only set of TRUE fundamentals are for the golf swing? If so, then you have finally found "Golf Instruction Nirvana".

We don't believe in "band-aid" fixes at the Rotary Swing Golf Academy because eventually, just like real band-aids, they lose their "stickiness" and fall off. Your golf instructor likely doesn't know any other way to teach you and is just as guilty as you at "chopping wood" before every round of golf he plays. This process of chasing one "golf swing tip" after another is truly insane, it's a sickness of almost all amateur golfers, and it's crazy. The good news is:

"You have found THE SOLUTION to your golf swing."

The Rotary Golf Swing is based on one thing and one thing only - FUNDAMENTALS. Now, we know you're going to bring up other's "so-called" instruction fundamentals such as Hogan's Fundamentals and Jack's fundamentals and Leadbetter's fundamentals. However, for the most part, these aren't fundamentals at all - they are mostly observations they've made about what works in their own golf swing and personal preference. By definition a fundamental is:

"serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying; being an original or primary source"

Now you tell me one aspect of the golf swing that you know to abide by the true definition of a fundamental according to Webster's Dictionary. I'll bet you have a tough time doing it. You might throw something out like "the club should be pointing down the target line when it is parallel to the ground." That's a common piece of golf instruction that golfers point out during our swing clinics. But you'd be wrong because it is not the ORIGINAL or PRIMARY SOURCE. The club is NOT a fundamental of the golf swing. The club cannot move by itself, it relies on the muscles and bones of the body to be moved; therefore, by its very definition the club or its position throughout the golf swing can not be considered a fundamental.

"The position of the golf club is NOT a fundamental."

So, if the positions of the club are not the basis for the fundamentals of the golf swing and golf instruction, what are the fundamentals? The fundamentals are based on the movement of the body, plain and simple. The process of movement is simple. First, your brain creates a thought. This "thought" or electrical signal is carried through your nervous system where it instructs the correct muscle to fire. The contraction of this muscle moves a bone at its joint and this, in turn, moves the golf club. Every human being that has ever swing a golf club has had to abide by this "law of human movement", from Tiger Woods to Ben Hogan. So, the first place you better start looking to improve your golf swing is NOT some band-aid tip on yet ANOTHER club postion from ANOTHER golf instructor, you better start looking at your brain.

Your brain doesn't understand the difference between the truth or a lie or right or wrong when it comes to learning. It simply tries to do what it interprets you to be asking it to do - which is part of the problem right there. What you INTERPRET your golf instructor telling you to do may not be what he's wanting you to do, and more likely, he may not really know what he's asking you to do in the first place, or why. A Rotary Swing instructor does not leave you to your interpretations; we tell you EXACTLY what to do and EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT. Let me explain with a common golf swing lesson - the takeaway.

Watch one of my student's learning how to "learn" the proper golf swing!


For many golfers, their swings are ruined the second they take the club back off the ball and they have little chance of recovery from there. That's why we emphasize a proper takeaway as most better instructors do. Let's talk about the movements of the takeaway for a second and examine a few of the flaws of the modern golf instructor. The first typical mistake is for the instructor to put you on camera and say to you "Here's your position during the takeaway and here's Tiger Woods' position. You need to be here." Great, thanks, that will be $100 please. The question REALLY is HOW DO I GET THERE? Do I move my hands? Do I cock my wrists early the way David Leadbetter advocates (NO!)? Do I rotate my forearms to open the face? Do I move the club back with my left arm or my right, or both, or neither? Oh wait, I'm suppose to turn my shoulders, right? But, how do I turn my shoulders? Do I push my left shoulder under my chin or pull my right shoulder behind my head, or both, or neither? Do I rotate from my obliques? Do I bend my right elbow early? Do I shift my weight? I can go on and on and on - as you can tell.

All of this nonsense and confusion and this is just during the takaway! Given all these questions that are all valid questions that your instructor likely can't answer, how is a golfer supposed to know how to properly swing the club? To answer this, you need to step back for a second and think objectively. Forget everything you think you've learned about the golf swing and try to remember how you learned things in the past. Let's say you learned to play the guitar. That's an easy one for me because I play the guitar (and I'm slowly learning to play the drums thanks the modern marvels of Guitar Hero on PS3). Anyway, when I first picked up the guitar, I picked up a book on how to play the guitar, a couple of them actually. This is not unlike how I started out learning to play golf, picking up a copy of Jack Nicklaus' "Golf My Way" videos and a subscription to "Golf Magazine". But, this is where the similarities ended.

When reading my guitar books, the information that I was learning from both of them was practically identical, so much so that I figured I had wasted my money having bought two of them. But that wasn't the case with the golf "paraphernalia" (I used that term to intentionally incite a reference to drugs because that's what golf instruction is for a lot of golfers - an addition to a drug that ends up harming them with prolonged use). Instead, my experience with golf instruction was exciting! Rather than getting two different sources telling me the same thing about how to play the guitar - that I needed to take the time to learn basic chord formations and how to read music, which was going to some time and focused practice - the golf magazines promised I could get better right NOW with ONE TIP. I only had to choose the tip that I liked the most. There were plenty to choose from, and they were ALL DIFFERENT - just like Baskin Robbins. "This is GREAT!," I thought. "A buffet of golf tips to try for a whole month until the next group of jokers publishes their unfounded ideas to sucker me in next month." But, after a while, this got old and confusing and eventually I realized that this is NOT how I had learned ANYTHING ELSE IN LIFE.

"You MUST understand the learning process to improve."

Anything else I've ever learned I learned the same way I did learning to play the guitar. I worked on fundamentals - slowly at first - practicing them over and over until I was proficient, and then I moved on and added more to what I had learned previously. After a bit of work, I learned to play the guitar half decent and, oddly enough, when I play, I look like every other guitar player I've ever seen. No, I don't mean I look like an 80s rocker strung out on crack, wearing leather pants and having long hair, I mean when I play a "C" chord, my fingers form the exact same shape as the best guitarists in the world. Playing a "C" chord apparently is a fundamental of learning to play the guitar, and I took the time to learn to play it properly. And apparently, so did everyone else. It's either that or everyone bought the same guitar lesson book I did, I'm not sure which.

But in golf, EVERYONE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT! Why? When I watch the best athletes in the world at the Olympics, they all look practically identical. I've yet to watch someone perform the long jump running backwards. When I watch the powerlifters, their technique for the clean and jerk is exactly the same. Why? The answer is really simple. Those athletes have taken the time to work with educated people to find the most efficient, powerful and safe way to perform their movements with minimal moving parts. Sound familiar - it's the Rotary Swing motto. This is the EXACT same approach that I took in developing the Rotary Swing methodology. I took a look at the golf swing from the inside out and with the help of a US Olympic biomechanist, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers - all experts on human movement -I developed the only golf swing teaching methodology on the planet based on pure fact and true fundamentals, not personal preference or bias.


"And the results have been nothing short of spectacular!"

"Al and I have been working together for 3 1/2 weeks now and the improvements I've seen in this short time are mind blowing!" - Kris Lim, Professional Golfer, Website Member

You see, all my students learn to swing the exact same way because there is ONLY ONE WAY to swing the club and be in line with how your body was designed to create rotation around the spine and be in accordance with Newton's Laws of Physics. That may sound like heresy to those of you out there who think there is no one right way to swing a club, but I can assure you, there is and that's what this website is all about. Now, I'm not saying there aren't millions of ways to successfully strike a golf ball. Take a stroll down the line at the practice tee at any PGA Tour event and you can see clear evidence that there are at least 155 different ways to successfully send a golf ball toward its target each week. But, did you know that over 80% of those golfers will miss 6-8 weeks of competitive play due to a golf swing related injury during their career? This is due to improper biomechanics that can EASILY be avoided, not to mention save them a ton of cash!

The Rotary Swing teaches you the exact proper movements of the golf swing in a precise sequence based on the fundamentals of human anatomy, and they are absolute - black and white, if you will. To get back to our takeaway example above, did you know that for the Rotary Swing, we boil the entire takeaway into a movement that is only 2 inches? That's right, two inches. Gliding your shoulder blade down and in toward your spine approximately 2 inches will rotate your upper torso, specifically the shoulders, about 6 inches. This, in turn, moves your hands about two and a half feet, which in turn, moves the club about two and a half yards. Let's do some simple math here. You can learn to move your shoulder blade a whopping two inches using the exact same muscles that Tiger Woods uses during the takeaway , or you can keep trying to move the club over 8 feet into the same position while manipulating it with your hands, arms and shoulders - and doing it differently each time. Out of those two movements, which do you think is going to more consistent, and which do you think would be easier to learn? You decide.

If you're tired of wasting time and money on your golf game, good. You're the exact student we're looking for. Start enjoying golf again. For the first time in your life, learn the TRUE fundamentals of the golf swing. If you're ready, you can get started with our online golf instruction videos right now by simply clicking the link below!

online golf videosYes! I'm ready to learn the TRUE fundamentals of the golf swing!

Our golf instruction website contains over 17 HOURS of instructional footage based on the FACTS of the golf swing, NOT THEORIES! Our program is based on how the brain actually learns and the fundamentals of human anatomy. You can't get this ANYWHERE else on the planet! Not only is our instructional content second to none, but compare our offer to that of other golf instruction learning offers out there:

Compare Other Video Golf Instruction Offers:
Stack and Tilt...2 hrs...$99.95
Plane Truth for Golfers...3 hrs...$79.95
Leadbetter Interactive...5 hrs...$69.95
Harmon's Ultimate Golf...2 hrs...$49.95

RotarySwing.com...17+ hrs...$14.95

Most of all, know you won't be alone. Over 6,000 golfers have gone through the Rotary Swing online instruction program, and we have an active discussion forum of nearly 5,000 golfers who are exceptionally helpful and friendly - the forum is moderated so there is no "wild, wild west" mentality here. Lastly, we offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you literally have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain.

golf instruction online

The following is a recent testimonial from one of our members:

"I can honestly say that Rotary Swing has completely revolutionized the way I think about the golf swing."
Sam Jarman, www.SamJarmanGolf.com

sam jarman golf"I am a golf pro based at Collingtree Park GC in Northampton, England.  I joined Rotary Swing a few years ago when I was in a bad place with my golf and just wanted to say thanks to Chuck for the help he has given me with my game over the past few years.  Most of you who have been around for a while on here probably have a similar story, but for those of you who are just dropping by or are in the early stages of getting to grips with this stuff, I hope this will encourage you to stick with it.  The results will be worth it.

As an amateur and in the first few years of my professional career I was a straight hitter with a decent short game.  I did OK, but always struggled on big golf courses or in bad weather because I just didn't hit the ball far enough.  I always felt I was under pressure, because I was working hard to make pars, and wasn't picking up easy birdies on the par 5's. 

I felt like I was hitting the ball as hard as could, but wasn't getting any extra yards, and was often out driven by my playing partners.  I wasn't a consistent ball striker, which meant I was always putting pressure on my short game and putting.  When I was sharp, I could compete, but when my short game or putting was a bit off, I missed cuts.  The game was changing too, especially at the professional level, becoming much more about distance off the tee, and less about straight hitting and consistency.

I was getting really frustrated, I went to see a few different coaches, went to the gym, changed equipment, none of which really helped.  It felt like the harder I worked, the harder I tried to hit it further, the worse I was playing.  My game was going nowhere, and I was not enjoying the game that I had chosen as my career.  Getting a proper job was starting to seem like an attractive option.

My friend Luther Blacklock and I often discussed the golf swing, with regard to the best way to use Explanar, his concept of the swing plane, and what other top coaches and the best players were doing and saying about the golf swing.   One day we got talking about Jim Hardy and his concept of there being two 'different' swings for different body types, a 'one plane swing', with the club moving around the body, and a 'two plane swing', with the arms and hands lifting the club and the overall swing plane being much more upright. 

This was interesting.  I had been trying to get my hands higher and wider in the backswing looking for more power.  But it just felt very weak and disconnected.  I realised I was probably a more natural one planer, but had been trying to build a two plane swing.  I did some more reading, and started to understand that power in the golf swing came from the rotation of the body, rather than from the hands and arms.

I was searching for more information about Hardy's ideas, when I came across www.RotarySwing.com, or Oneplanegolfswing.com as it was then.  There was a video of Chuck hitting a six iron, and his swing was awesome.  That immediately made me sit up and take notice.  There are very few good golf coaches who can actually walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.  Chuck is a similar size and build to me, and he was hitting a six iron about 185 yards  with what looked like absolutely no effort at all.  I read some of his articles about the fundamental movement of the golf swing being a rotation, and the penny dropped.  I joined the site, started working on a few of the drills and within a couple of weeks had a completely new feeling for my golf swing.

I remember emailing a video of my swing to Chuck at the end of 2005.  The first thing he said was, 'You have a good golf swing. Why do you want to change it?'  I explained to him the problems I was having with distance and consistency of strike.  He came back with a couple of drills to focus on and we talked about the feeling I was looking for.  Over the winter of 2005 and spring of 2006 I must have hit thousands of golf balls on the Duchess Course practice ground at Woburn.  I would email Chuck on my Blackberry while I was practising, and he would come back to me with answers and pointers to keep me moving in the right direction.

This was a really valuable experience for me, in terms of learning how I learned.  I didn't have a coach standing there telling me what to do,  I had to just try it, feel it, watch the ball flight and interpret what was happening, then do it again.  This meant I went down a few wrong turns and blind alleys before I understood what Chuck was saying and could really feel how my body should be working.  This has been extremely valuable when I started teaching other people, because I have made a similar journey to the one they are on. 

I can honestly say that Rotary Swing has completely revolutionised the way I think about the golf swing, the way I swing the club and hit the golf ball.  The website is without a doubt the best golf instruction resource anywhere on the internet.  I am hitting the best golf shots of my life now, and I am having great success teaching Chuck's ideas to my students, of all ages, and abilities from beginners to scratch golfers. 

I had a ton of information in my head from books, websites and various other coaches and sources in my head.  Information isn't understanding.  What Chuck was saying seemed to join all the dots up. It was like I had a box full of jigsaw pieces that I had been trying to fit together for years.  All of a sudden I had the lid to the box with the picture on it.

The difference in my ball striking has been huge.  I used to carry the ball 230 yards with my driver.  I can now carry it 280 if I need to.  I can hit a 4 iron high and stop it, rather than having to carry a 7 wood like I used to.  I feel like I am swinging within myself now, rather than operating right on the limit, and sometimes over it.  Bottom line, my golf is so much more fun than it used to be.  If Luther's concepts provided the chassis and the steering for my golf swing, Chuck's understanding of the way the body moves has provided the engine.  Before Rotary Swing I was running on 3 cylinders, I now have a V8 !

I believe RotarySwing.com is the best learning resource on the internet for golfers of all levels and abilities.  I swing the club this way myself, and many of my students are playing the best golf of their lives by applying these concepts.  But it isn't just the technical side of the game that impressed me.  Chuck's philosophy about the golf swing, about the way we learn, and about the game of golf itself are similar to my own.  The golf swing is just a part of the game of golf, and that what you learn about yourself through the game is at least as important as what you learn about hitting a golf ball. 

I have been a member of the site since 2005 and consider the $15 I pay every month as the best investment in my game and in my coaching business that I could make.  I am really looking forward to seeing the new stuff that Chuck and Alison are working on, and to taking my own game and those of my students to the next level.  Thanks Chuck!"

-Sam Jarman

The testimonial above is one of thousands that we have from golfers around the world who have learned the TRUTH about traditional golf instruction and how it is harming your game and, potentially, your body. If you're ready to learn the truth, click below!


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