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Learning the One Plane Golf Swing

Learning the one plane golf swing can be extremely easy, if you let it. The hardest part of the swing is allowing the body to drive the arms rather than trying to use the arms to generate power.

Baseball Swings
Many golf instructors have talked about making baseball swings to get the feeling of the natural swinging motion. Hardy also uses the drill and I think it goes along perfectly with the one plane swing that he advocates. Everything you need to know about the one plane swing can be learned from this simple drill. It truly doesn't need to be anymore complex than this. If you can physically perform this movement you can properly strike a golf ball.

Stand straight up and center yourself between your feet. With your arms extended out in front of you at a height where you would swing at a perfect pitch in baseball, swing your arms and body to your right and let your left arm swing across your chest. With your arms "behind" you, rotate your body around your left leg back to the left keeping your left arm against your chest. The arms will not release from the chest until well after you have rotated around past the imaginary impact position. The feeling for the arms is that they are being "pushed" by the chest rather than swinging out away from the chest.

Now, maintaining the same arm position you established during the baseball swing, bend over from the hips until the club is in position on the ground. Make the exact same swings you made during the drill, just at an incline due to the increased spine angle.

Headcover Swings
Vijay Singh made this famous by placing everything from headcovers to golf balls under his left arm while he swung. To really get a feel of the body rotation dominating the swing rather than the arms, tuck a headcover under both arms and keep them there throughout the swing.

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