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Swing Drills for the One Plane Golf Swing


While the one plane swing can truly be as simple as a baseball swing down at the ground, not everyone grasps that concept right away and may struggle to remove some old tendencies in their golf swing. That is what these drills are for, to give you the proper sensations and feelings you are looking for when learning the proper motion of the one plane swing.


Divots Left / Tee Drill Headcover Drill One Legged Drill
swinging left divots left one plane swingThe concept of swinging left in the one plane swing is an important one to understand. Watch this video to learn two critical drills for grooving the proper "in-to-in" swinging motion of the one plane golf swing. headcover drillHaving trouble staying connected in the one plane swing and lifting your arms? Use the headcover drill video to give you sense of connection and proper swing plane to help rid yourself of old two plane swing tendencies. one legged golf swing drillHaving trouble with a pesky hip slide or want to better understand how to properly rotate through impact in a one plane swing? Then use this drill when you're out on the range to instill the proper sensations.
Want to Build Power in Your Golf Swing? In to Out Tee Drill
power golf swingProper use of an impact bag is, hands down, one of the best swing drills you can do. The impact bag is one of the best training aids on the market. It's very inexpensive, durable, and you can do several different drills with it to learn the proper use of the big muscles in the one plane swing. There are so many golf swing tendencies that the impact bag helps get rid of that it is my favorite training aid available and one that I regularly use in my teaching. If you don't have one yet, start saving now, you can purchase them from Amazon.com for as little as $17. tee drillHaving trouble coming over the top and slicing the golf ball? This drill will have you hitting solid, penetrating draws in no time!
Ben Hogan's "Pane of Glass" Drill Golf Shaft Plane Drill Slide the Shaft Drill
ben hogan pane of glassBen Hogan's Plane of Glass concept helps form an excellent drill for golfers who struggle to swing their arms deep enough behind them for the one plane golf swing. shaft plane drillLearning how to take the golf club back on plane is a challenging task for many golfers. This drill will help get you on plane fast. stuart appleby golf swingThis drill is the one you've heard a lot about but have never seen. This is THE drill for learning how to properly rotate your shoulders in the one plane downswing.
9 o'clock Swing Plane Drill The Rotary Swing Drill Penetrating Ball Flight Drill
backswing planeGetting your swing on plane is simple with this video. See the proper shaft plane in the backswing and downswing in the one plane golf swing. rotary swing drillThe "bread and butter" drill to learning the awesome feeling of free rotation through the ball can be learned in this great instructional golf video. penetrating ball flightWant to hit that flat, PGA Tour quality, penetrating ball flight that bores through the wind? This golf instructional video will give you the keys to success.
Neck Tie Swing Drill Bucket Drill for Synchronization  
necktie swing drillGuarantee a proper turn in the backswing by doing this simple drill. All you need is a cheap neck tie! synchronize golf swing drillSynchronize your golf swing with this simple drill and start using your big muscles to power your golf swing.  

Other Golf Instructional Swing Drill Videos and Articles


Body Drill - Learn how to properly use your body to control the golf club and to generate effortless power in your golf swing.

Broom Drill - The "famous" broom drill you've heard me talk about a thousand times. This drill ingrains the proper feeling of keeping the arms passive while letting the body generate power.

Baseball Drill - The baseball drill is one of the key hallmarks of the one plane golf swing. Learn how to do it properly and put your swing on automatic.

Foam Roller Drill - Learn the necessary proper balance and develop your skills using the drill that can be done indoors or out.








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