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"the rotary drill"

If I had to pick the most important drill I've ever come up with for teaching the Rotary Golf Swing, this would be it. This drill teaches several things, but the most important is how easy and effortless the Rotary Swing really is. When you perform this drill correctly, you will be amazed at how well you hit the golf ball without even trying. If you are looking for simplicity in the golf swing, this is what you've been missing.


The two main pieces the drill teaches are how to get in the proper top of the swing position and how to freely unwind the body on the way down. The proper backswing positioning, both halfway back and at the top of the swing can be quickly and easily learned while performing this drill. Once the proper position at the top is achieved, it's a matter of unwinding correctly on the downswing which you can see demonstrated in this video.


If you have struggled with your golf swing and made the Rotary Swing overly complex, this is the video for you.



This great golf instruction video shows you how to rotate and load properly on your right leg in order to unwind and sequence the downswing correctly. If you don't load up your lower body first, then unwinding and rotating from the lower body first will be impossible.


You'll find yourself doing what most beginner golfers do and that is unwind from your shoulders first. This dreaded swing fault is the most common cause of the golf slice and swinging over the top. Check out this video on how to never slice again!



So, once you're ready to start swinging from the ground up and making a powerful swing at the ball, check out this video!


rotary swing drill


Top of the swing and impact using the Rotary Drill.

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