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Golf Biomechanics Home Page 1. RST Overview 2. Use of the Hips and Core - Driver Swing 3. Biomechanically Correct Golf Setup and Balance 4. Functional Squat and One Legged Exercises 5. Functional Bridge Exercises 6. Inner Thigh/Hip Exercise 7. Back Stabilizer Exercise 8. Push vs. Pull 9. Golf Core Rotation Exercises 10. Golf Swing Weight Shift - Part 1 11. Golf Swing Weight Shift - To the Right - Part 2 12. Golf Swing Weight Shift - To the Left - Part 3 13. Sean O'Hair - Rotary Swing Tour 14. Common Swing Faults Caused by Setup 15. The Takeaway in the Golf Swing 16. Understanding Shoulder Elevation 17. The Role of the Right Arm in the Takeaway 18. Posture's Affect on the Takeaway 19. Golf Instruction - Muscle Activation 20. Tiger Woods Biomechanics 21. Move 2 - Completing the Backswing 22. Move 3 - The Golf Downswing 23. Creating a Golf Swing Plane 24. Effects of Bad Ball Position 25. 9 to 3 Drill 26. Move 4 - The Follow Through 27. Common Faults in the Follow Through 28. Tiger Woods - Getting Stuck - Downswing 29. Throw the Ball Drill 30. Right Arm Only - Downswing Drill
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The Rotary Swing Book

by Chuck Quinton

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Our club demo program is available to Members of the website only. If you'd like to become a member, click here.


As a member, you can demo the best heads and shafts in the world today for a nominal fee. We will fit you for a club online, either via phone or email, going off any data that you can provide us with. Ideally, the more data you provide, the better, but we can fit with minimal info. When submitting your info for a demo, please provide as much of the following as possible:


1. Driver clubhead speed

2. Average driver carry and roll

3. Current shaft, flex, head and loft

4. Typical ball flight (ie, low and left, high and right, lands with no roll, etc.)

5. Technical launch data if available from a launch monitor (Launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, etc.)

6. Current ball played


Email this to If you would like to learn more about an In Person club fitting or the price of the clubs, click here.


Current list of demos available:


nakashima htec 460nakashima np1 460NX1 3 wood nakashimanakashima htec hybridnakashima np1 ironnakashima np2 ironmatrix shafts
Nakashima HTEC 460 -- NP1 460 -- NX1 3 Wood -- HTEC Hybrid -- NP1 Iron -- NP2 Iron -- Matrix Shafts
Nakashima Drivers Lofts Shafts Info  
HTEC 460 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 13, 15 (Lefty 9.5) Matrix, UST, Accra, etc. Any shaft available. The HTEC head features interchangable shaft technology, adjustable weights and a super hot face.
NP1 8.5, 9.5  
Nakshima 3 Woods Lofts Shafts    
HTEC 13   The HTEC 3 wood has a shallower face than the NX1 to help launch the ball higher with more spin than the NX1.
NX1 13  
Nakashima Hybrid Lofts Shafts    
HTEC 19 19   A solid hybrid designed to hit the ball high and land soft. Features interchangable shafts and weights.
Nakashima Irons Iron Shafts    
NP1 6 DG X100, X100 Super Light, S300 Beautifully designed irons that provide great feedback and forgiveness.
NP2 6 DG X100, X100 Super Light, S300


A full assortment of Tour Issued shafts is available. We will recommend the proper shaft once we receive your fitting information. You may also request a specific shaft if you already know what you are looking for. You may demo the club for 3 days upon receiving it, and then must ship it back insured and with a tracking number. All the HTEC heads come with the interchangable weights and tool. You are responsible for all damage and lost parts!


The costs are as follows:


Any Nakashima Driver $49 + shipping with any shaft other than Matrix or other high end tour shafts $79 + shipping with any Matrix or other high end shaft
Any Nakashima 3 Wood or Hybrid $29 + shipping with any shaft other than Matrix or other high end tour shafts $49 + shipping with any Matrix or other high end shaft
Any Nakashima Iron $14 + shipping any steel shaft (steel shafts only at this time)



Please contact us with any questions at



Matrix Shafts Flexes and Shaft Breakdown


XCon Series - Higher launching than than the Code Series with low spin. Consider this shaft if you need more carry and a higher ball flight.


Code Series - Mid launching, low spin shaft.


M2 series - Low launch, low spin shaft for those seeking the ultimate in stability, control and power.





Regular (245 cpms)


Firm (250 cpms)


Stiff (255 cpms)


Strong (260 cpms)


X (265 cpms)


XX (275+ cpms)



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