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The Rotary Swing Book

by Chuck Quinton

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The "New" Golf Swing Fundamentals

There are only a few key fundamentals necessary in developing a solid one plane golf swing. Those swing fundamentals are discussed inside in detail. As a member, you can watch videos on each golf swing fundamental to learn how to perforum them correctly.


Understanding the One Plane Takeaway

The Proper Grip

one plane takeawayUnderstanding the takeaway in the one plane swing and the tendencies of the takeaway will immediately give you a better understanding of how to properly start the club moving back during the backswing. Watch the video inside that demonstrates the proper takeaway and discusses the tendencies that taking the club back differently will cause in your ball striking.
proper golf gripA proper grip is very important to a sound, repeatable golf swing, but it's not as difficult to achieve as you may think. This video discusses how to take a proper grip and tendencies that varying from the grip will create in your golf swing.

Rhythm and Flow in the Golf Swing

Proper Shoulder Rotation

golf swing rhythm drillFew things in the golf swing help you repeat a solid impact position more than having good rhythm and flow to your swing. In this video, Chuck Quinton demonstrates a great drill for developing rhythm and flow that can be done anytime and will quickly improve the quality of your ball striking and sense of timing. proper shoulder rotation in golf swingAre you rotating your shoulders properly in your golf swing or are you tilting them? Knowing the difference has a significant impact on your golf swing.

What Starts the Golf Swing?

Taking a Proper Divot

starting golf swingGolfers always ask how they should properly start their golf swings; what should move first? In this video I demonstrate how to properly sequence your golf swing to get everything working back in sync. taking divot golf swingLearning how to take a proper divot can be a challenge for many golfers. In this video, I show you both what a correct divot is and how to take one in your golf swing.

Golf Club Shaft and Forearm Alignment

Keeping Your Head Behind the Ball
golf shaft alignmentGetting the golf club shaft properly aligned through your right forearm in the downswing is vitally important to hitting the ball from the inside and starting the ball online. head behind ballKeeping your head behind the ball is an important aspect of any golf swing and in this video we demonstrate how the dynamics of the swing dictate that the head stays behind.
What is the Proper Amount of Wrist Cock? Hip Rotation in the Rotary Swing
wrist setThis video explains and demonstrates the proper amount of wrist set that is required for the Rotary Swing. No more, no less, just right. rotary swing hip turnA lot of discussion is had on the rotation, or lack thereof, of the hips in the golf swing in general. But what about the hips in the Rotary Swing? This video discusses the proper use of the hips throughout the swing.
Hip Rotation Through Impact  
hip turn in golf swingIn this golf instructional video we take a look at two golf swings that demonstrate the correct and incorrect use of the hips through impact.  
Other Golf Swing Fundamental Articles and Videos

Athletic Golf Address Position

Understanding the Movement of the Body

How to use the Arms Properly

Proper Amount of Spinal Tilt


Golf Swing Transition Bump




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