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asd View "Proper Left Weight Shift" Video

Want to discuss this weight shift video? Visit the golf discussion forum for this video here!

The culmination in the three part series on correct weight shift in the golf swing gets us off the right side and loaded onto the left glute. This video shows how to correctly and safely shift your weight to the left in the golf swing. The activation of the right muscles is critical for stability and the application of power from the rest of the kinematic chain. Al Consoli of Rotary Swing Golf demonstrates the proper movements while Chuck Quinton discusses the movements, drills and exercises to train your brain how to move correctly.


This movement, while seemingly simple has numerous potential pitfalls that not only limit your chances of solid contact but actually put you at risk for injury. Injury to the lead hip in the golf swing if very common amongst all levels of golfers and doing this simple move correctly can greatly reduce your potential for injury. If you have low back or left hip pain, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the movements in this video. If you have done the movements incorrectly for many years, it is likely that you will need to spend a fair amount of time on the exercsises on this website and work with a personal trainer or rehabilitation specialist such as our partner Motion Memory Golf of St. Louis, MO to rebuild strength in the hip area.


While I spend a great deal of time talking about how the glute muscles stabilize the hips in this video, in actuality it is the internal hip muscles of the piriformis, gemellus superior, etc. that actually stabilize the hip. We use the term "glute" to represent this general area for the reason that most people have no idea what the other smaller muscles are but are familiar with the glute and the fact that you can actually feel the glute when contracting it. In other words, don't get overly caught up in the specifics of the terminology. Rotary Swing Golf is here to make you a better golfer not a muscular anatomy expert! To give another point of view of the muscles we want you to view, obvserve the image below. The areas highlighted in yellow are the muscles you are going to use and feel while performing this move correctly and while you do the exercises.



left glute in golf swing



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