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The Rotary Swing Book

by Chuck Quinton

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Watch "Putting Acceleration Drill " Video



There are few things worse in golf than hitting a huge drive off the tee, wedging it to 8 feet and then completely missing the hole with your putt. To make it worse, your playing partner just skanked a drive into the trees, skulled his second into the bunker, chunks his bunker shot to 15 feet and then drains it for par. You both walk off with 4's, but it feels like you should have had him by atleast a couple; tis is golf. But, becoming a better putter to compliment your better rotary swing ball striking is very simple and I've found the absolute perfect training aid to get you on your way in less than 20 minutes of working with it.


The story above is practically a true one for all golfers, including me. My putting had gotten neglected with all the work I was doing on my driver for the "Bomb Your Driver" series. So, when I finally decided that my putting needed some serious work, I tried all sorts of things. My typical drills that really got me through, like the Putting Shaft Drill, checking my Forearm Alignment, and working on my Distance Control didn't seem to help. I was particularly struggling because our greens have gotten horrible and so they were extremely bumpy and grainy. Couple this with a stroke that was wobbly at best and too long, and I missed more than I made. On slow, bumpy greens especially, it is absolutely critical to strike your putts solidly with an accelerating stroke. If you don't the putt will never hold its line.


So, I tried a heavier putter, a long putter, putting with my wedge, and finally thought to myself that I was working way to hard and there had to be a simple fix. Enter the Eyeline Golf Putting Plane. As you guys know, I'm EXTREMELY slow and cautious when it comes to endorsing or promoting a training aid. There are so many useless and gimmicky items out there that I usually ignore all of them. In this case, I'm glad I took a second look.


If you are familiar with our Short Game DVD, you know that we teach that the putter should work back and through on a slight arc. This arc is completely natural to a stroke where the shoulders rock slightly, but not nearly as severe as what Stan Utley teaches. You could say that it is in between a Dave Pelz Pure Inline Stroke that goes straight back and straight through and the very curved arc that Utley advocates. Not too severe, not to straight, just right in the middle. But, visualizing or teaching someone what this very slight arc feels like can be challenging, but not anymore.


The Putting Plane is tilted at only 72* compared to Utley's which is tilted at 68*. This allows the golfer to make a simple stroke with no manipulation whatsoever with the hands or arms, just a simple shoulder motion with minimal movement in the arms and hands. As soon as my made my first few strokes, I was sold. The instant feedback was perfect, my stroke was smooth and solid and best of all, I started draining putts and haven't stopped yet. Not being one for just a one off experience, I started trying it with my students and the results were the same. Immediately, they could feel what the stroke should feel like and look like. I continued to use it and continue to putt the most confident I ever have by using this Acceleration Drill that I'm going to show you in this video today. I assure you that if you do this drill, combined with using the plane fin on the aid, you will see a dramatic improvement in your putting just as I have and all my students.


putting plane training aid


You can tell a great training aid by two things. First, it's simple, and second, it works. Simple concepts always hold the ultimate truths in golf and this training aid is very simple but shows you a lot about your stroke. The mirror lets you know where your eyes are over the ball, whether or not your head moves during your stroke, whether or not your shoulders are square, whether or not your shaft is angled toward or away from the target, on top of letting you see and feel a perfect stroke. This would normally take an instructor and a two camera setup and laptop to analyze this much information. Instead, you can do it for barely more than a sleeve of Titleist Pro V1's.


Through a partnership with Eyeline Golf, we are now selling the Putting Plane and of course, at a discount to you, the member. As usual, you receive 15% off any training aid such as the Swing Speed Radars and golf equipment like Drivers and Shafts. The putting plane retails for $59.95 (the same amount I paid for it, that's how much I believe in this aid! I bought it off the shelf at a golf store!), but as a member, you get 15% off and your price is only $50.95 + shipping. Order yours today!




Order the Dual Putting Plane Today and save 15% for being a Member!


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