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FlightScope Launch Monitor at Rotary Swing Golf Academy - Orlando, FL
by Chuck Quinton

Upgrading from the Zelocity PureLaunch to the FlightScope Kudu was a simple decision for the Rotary Swing Golf Academy. After spending only a few minutes using the Kudu, it was apparent that not only was it significantly more consistent and accurate, but the software was infinitely more powerful as well. Below are some screenshots and flash videos of the Kudu in action during actual live fittings.


 FlightScope Screenshots and Videos
flightscope downrange

FlightScope Downrange 3D View


In this view, you can watch the actual flight and trajectory of the ball with every club in the bag. All vital data is displayed for the shot such as distance, launch angle, path, back and sidespin, smashfactor and ball speed. Pressing "space bar" from this screen gives you a bonus 3D view, watch the movie to see it!


Watch video of this shot >>>

flightscope grouping view

FlightScope Grouping View


When doing a driver fitting, it's not hard to see that the ball is going further with a Nakashima and Matrix head and shaft combo. But long and crooked isn't of much value. The FlightScope software allows us to show the student shot disperion in a very handy graphic that shows how far and how accurate your shots are. We use this not just for fittings, but during lessons as well so that a golfer can chart his progress during the lesson.

flightscope club analysis

FlightScope Club Analysis


Do you think your swing is too steep, too far over the top? The FlightScope shows us exactly what's going on in your swing plane and path to help us determine how best to alter the moment of truth, impact.


Also of extreme value to us as club fitters is the Clubhead Acceleration profile that can be seen in the upper left hand graph of four shots struck with a Dynamic Gold X100 shaft by True Temper. In 3 of the 4 shots you can see a dramatic uptick in the acceleration of the clubhead just before impact. This is measuring the tip deflection and will cause the ball to launch higher and is more difficult to control for higher swing speeds. This is just one more extremely useful tool that helps us better fit our students.


Watch video of these screens >>>

flightscope live ball tracking

FlightScope Live Ball Tracking


Unlike other launch monitors that only track the ball for the first 15 feet and then make calculations, FlightScope Kudu actually tracks the ball in real time the vast majority of the way. On a typical 180 yard 6 iron, FlightScope will track the ball 155-165 yards. At this point, it has more than enough data to determine where the ball will land within a couple yards. Other Launch Monitors such as the Zelocity do not have a powerful enough radar to track the ball more than a few yards and are then forced to "guess" what the ball will do from there.





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