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by Chuck Quinton

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Watch "How to hit driver off the deck and reach long par 5's in two! " Video
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How to Hit the Driver off the Deck
by Chuck Quinton

Hitting the driver off the deck is a bit of a lost art and since I'm a bit old school when it comes to golf, I refuse to let certain things die. Call it nestalgia if you like, this shot is a formidable weapon to add to your arsenal of golf shots AND it forces you to user proper mechanics. So, learning this shot will not only help you reach those long par 5's in two, but will also help your ball striking with normal tee shots as well. You can't lose!


In this 15 minute video, I demonstrate hitting the ball off the deck from both face on and down the line views. I talk about how to properly setup to the ball and several swing tricks to help you pull this shot off with authority. There are two key fundamentals to hitting this shot that you will see me demonstrate and hear me discuss. One is about having the proper swing plane and the other is hitting DOWN on the shot. Yes, you DO "feel" as if you are hitting down even with the driver and especially when hitting it off the deck. Let's look at some screen captures from the video:


hitting driver off the deck address position downswing driver driver impact



One of the concepts discussed in the video is the address position of the head in relation to the ball. As can been seen in these pictures, at address, the left side of the head is directly in line with the backside of the ball. As the downswing begins, the head moves back on to that line if it has shifted off during the backswing. And then at impact, it actually moves backward off that line. This is part of the dynamics of the golf swing which were discussed in a previous instructional golf video. Also note how my hands are leading the cluhead through impact and are clearly in front of the ball. This and many other important fundamentals are discussed in this golf video, Hitting Driver off the Deck.



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