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by Chuck Quinton

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by Chuck Quinton

Video features Alison Thietje of Motion Memory Golf, St. Louis, MO


asd View "Correct Posture and Balanced Golf Setup" Video

There is one fundamental in golf that is ignored by more golfers than any other, and interestingly, it's the easiest one to get correct. Every golfer wonders to himself why he doesn't look the same at address as Tiger Woods or other greats. After all, they are just standing still, right? It seems that if nowhere else, that is the ONE place in the swing where everyone can be just like Tiger! However, there has been a lot of confusing information in the golf world that has lead to the incorrect belief that there is no one way to setup and everyone should look different. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Now, if you have a swing made up of compensations, major flaws and other home grown attributes, setting up biomechanically correct isn't necessarily going to help you hit the ball better right away. That's the same as saying that you should take the intake manifold off a Ferrari and put it on a Yugo and it's going to run like a Ferrari. But, if you are wanting to make improvements to the other aspects of your game to make them run more like the Ferrari, then it is IMPERATIVE that you learn the correct setup.


Everyone will look slightly different at address even with a perfect biomechanical setup. That is because everyone is built slightly different, some having longer torso's, longer arms, or longer legs. This will alter critical factors such as spine angle and the amount of knee bend one has at address. However, from one golfer to the next, the similarities will be more obvious than the differences.


This video gives you the keys to begin to understand the way that golfers setup INCORRECTLY and how to understand how to setup CORRECTLY. It also covers the fundamental importance of how the weight should be distributed throughout the feet at address. This is another common piece of misinformation that pervades the golf instruction world and one that can causes chronic knee and hip pain in the lead leg of the golfer. If you are interested in playing golf for a lifetime and not having to go under the scalpel to do so, you MUST understand how to setup to the ball correctly.


Please note that this is an introductory video and does not go in depth in explaining how to engage the proper core muscles at address. These fundamentals take a more in depth understanding of the biomechanics of the swing and will be covered in the future.



golf posture


Alison demonstrating a common fault at address from the video.



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