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The Rotary Swing Book

by Chuck Quinton

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This is one of my all time favorite swing exercises. It will quickly reveal weaknesses in a golfer’s technique and flexibility and demonstrate the importance of balance in the golf swing better than any other drill. In fact, every golfer that I work with for any extended period of time eventually gets “prescribed” this exercise/drill to help maintain their swing and it’s one of the main drills I use in maintaining my own swing.


To perform this exercise, you will need a 6” foam roller. These are readily available at many fitness stores or can be purchased inexpensively online. Begin by standing on the roller and find your balance point where you can comfortably stand on the roller without losing your balance. Once you can stand balanced and relaxed, take your address position with your arms across your chest. Begin by rotating your body back and through just as you would in making the golf swing. You must be able to stay balanced during this first part of the exercise before moving on to the next. If you cannot maintain your balance, work on this drill until you can.


Once you can maintain balance making "body swings", we will introduce the club. It is not necessary to hit a ball during this exercise, but you can add it as you get more comfortable. Pick up a mid length club such as a 5 iron and try to make swings while maintaining your balance on the roller. Start by making half swings and work your way up to making a full swing. As you progress, you can hit balls with this drill.




Once you have mastered hitting balls on the foam roller without losing your balance, begin working the ball in both directions by using the same technique described under the "Advanced Technique" section of the Members Vault. Also practice changing the trajectory of your shots while on the foam roller. Once you have mastered these shots on the roller, it will be much easier to do while on stable ground.


The purpose of this exercise is to teach you how to maintain balance in the swing and how to use your core and trunk muscles to stabalize your swing. So many amateur golfers let their swing drive their bodies rather than having their bodies drive their swing. Your body must remain in control at all times during the swing while on the foam roller or you will fall off. You will quickly see which muscles must work harder in the golf swing to maintain balance when doing this exercise. Maintain this same feeling when hitting balls regularly and begin to gain much more control over your golf shots.



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