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The Rotary Swing Book

by Chuck Quinton

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Watch "Hitting the Ball High - How to hit high, soft landing golf shots" Video
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Hitting the Ball High
by Chuck Quinton

When needing to get the ball up quickly, say to hit it over a tree, or when needing the ball to land extra soft on an extra firm green, you can make just two adjustments to your one plane swing and get the desired results. The first thing is the ball position. It should be moved up slightly forward in your stance, generally no more than an inch. Any more than this and you will be required to make compensations in your swing to hit the ball, such as sliding your hips to get to the ball. You also risk not making solid contact. The second thing is you must release the club with a rehinge of the left wrist. This adds loft to the club through impact which will make the ball launch much higher and continue to climb.


Take a look at the two pictures below. The one on the left is a screen shot from the "Hitting the Ball High" video and the one on the right is from the "Hitting the Ball Low" video. There are two important observations to be made here. First, is the launch angle. While I hit both these 6 irons the same distance, there is a significant difference in launch angles, with the one on the right coming out much lower. Second, the low shot has traveled much further at the same point in the swing, about 28" more and with 3 mph more ball speed. So how to two golf balls travel the same distance when one is traveling at a higher rate of speed? Trajectory. Even though the lower shot has more ball speed, it doesn't have the trajectory to travel as far in the air. Even though the high shot wasn't hit quite as hard, it traveled the same distance because it spent much more time in the air. So, that begs the question, why not just hit it higher all the time since you don't have to hit it as hard and get it to go the same distance? In one word - wind. At times, you will need all three shots, low, medium, and high to score your best in all conditions. Master these two shots and add them to your shot making arsenal to play your best under any circumstance.



hitting the ball high





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