RST Introduction
RST Overview - Perfect Golf Swing
Move 1 - The Takeaway
Move 2 - Completing the Backswing
Move 3 - The Downswing
Why RST Begins with Rotary
Golf Setup - Posture
Push vs. Pull in the Golf Swing
Understanding Shoulder Elevation
Stop Coming Over the Top and Slicing
RotaryConnect Backswing
Re-Shape Your Golf Swing for Lag
Determining Proper Stance Width
Pushing with the Left Side
Learning How To Learn
Speed vs. Power in the Golf Swing
Throw for More Natural Golf Swing
Sitting Into the Left Side
Understanding Weight Shift Part 1
How the Lower Body Works
Weight Shift Part 2 - Right Hip Line
Maintaining Knee Flex - The Anchor
The Golf Grip - How To
RotaryConnect Hip Stability
Load Rt Glute: Shorten Swing, Start Transition
Golf Swing Release Drill
Weight Shift Part 3 - To the Left
Impact Alignments Face On
Proper Ball Position
Move 4 - The Follow Through
5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing
Impact Alignments Down the Line
How To Practice Golf - Rotary Swing Tour
How to Aim in Golf
Checkpoints - 5 Minutes Backswing
Left Hand Golf Club Release Drill
How to Practice Golf - Perfect Practice 1
Lose the Right Hand
How to Practice Golf - Perfect Practice 2
Importance of Tempo
5 Minutes to the Perfect Downswing
5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Club Release