Medical Mess

Hey guys,

 Well I am just a medical mess, one thing after another.  First I went through a bunch of surgeries, I’ve always had some crazy bone tumor above my ankle (making it impossible to wear any other golf shoes than Footjoy eComforts because they are the only ones that don’t have a high back), I’ve had surgery on my left wrist to remove a cyst, and now I have a lot of pain in my right wrist which I think is another cyst.  The one in my left wrist was very big, and these ones in my right wrist aren’t even visible, so hopefully surgery won’t be required.  Chuck and I had to cancel our lesson today because I couldn’t swing through the golf ball without taking my right hand off the club.

Other than that I am doing great, my golf swing (when I am capable of making one) feels 100 times better than it ever has.  I am finally comfortable with my takeaway.  It took so long to get the right feeling for me and it was so simple.  All I am feeling is that my hands go back a little inside while the club works up.  I occasionally err on taking it back too outside, but I will take that right now.  It feels a lot more natural now.  Chuck and I decided to take things a little slower with my swing, as we are both very impatient people and were trying to move way to fast.  I am probably even more impatient than he is, so it has been a struggle for me to only work on small pieces at a time.  Right now we are working on getting more load into my right side going back.  I didn’t feel much load into my leg and foot at all before, so it’s an odd feeling, but one that is necessary both for control and power.  Chuck’s technical name for what we are working on is “finding my ass”, because that’s where I should feel a lot of support for the load.  So far it’s been going well I think, my swing feels a little more in rhythm and a little more powerful, yet it still needs a good deal of work.  Hopefully I can make progress a little faster. 

With my wrist being hurt, I’ve been practicing my putting and little bump-and-runs a lot.  My putting is still the best part of my game, and it’s been getting even better over the past few days.  My bump-and-runs are also pretty dang good considering all I am doing is employing my putting stroke with a more lofted club.  Bump-and-runs are all about just choosing the right club and the right spot to hit.  My stroke it pretty good so all I try to do is feel how hard to hit the ball.

Hopefully my wrist will heal up fairly soon and I can get back to making progress, I am extremely frustrated not being able to swing a club, I get very antsy and bored not being able to play.

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Hey everyone, I know it’s been quite a while since I have posted anything on the site, but I have been working super hard!  Let me just update you guys on a few things that have been going on.

As you saw in the new video, my swing is improving a lot, but will still take a lot more to get it to where it needs to be.  Unfortunately I cannot swing on that good of a plane all the time.  When I really focus on just that plane of my swing, I can do it, but once we start working on other things, I fall back into old habits and the club gets deep and flat.  It has definitely gotten better, my bad swings aren’t as deep and inside, but it’s going to take a long time to get it to where it’s always up on plane. 

My posture is something that I have been having problems with.  I am a bit more relaxed at address now, with not as much S-Shape in my spine, but I really struggle with standing taller and not slouching with my shoulders.  I told Chuck it makes me feel like I am in a straight jacket when I pull my shoulders back.  I need to work very hard both at the course and at the gym to make it more comfortable. 

So my swing is definitely better, a work in progress, but we all know that the short game is where money is made.  Honestly, my chipping has suffered a bit with all the focus being on my full swing, but it’s not terrible.  I have some things I need to work out before my chipping gets really good.  For one thing, I flip the club a little too much, especially if I am trying to get a lot of spin on the ball.  Basically, my chipping is very inconsistent.  The thing that saves my scores is my putting.  I became, in my mind, an awesome putter through working with Chuck on some things and through trial and error by myself.  Chuck has worked with me on the tempo of my stroke and the path.  I went through a trial and error with my grip and speed control.  I used to get the putter very low in my fingers with my thumbs on top of the club, and I struggled with pulling the ball a lot because my right hand would turn over a lot through impact.  What I do now is I have the grip much more in the palms of my hand.  My left hand is much more flat with my thumb running down the center of the grip.  The biggest difference is my right hand.  It’s a little more under than it used to be, my thumb isn’t on top of the grip anymore, it’s more down the side and I feel like I control the speed of my putts with the pads of my two middle fingers.  My stroke is more a push stroke now, I feel like I am just pushing the ball toward the hole.  I don’t pull the ball much at all now and that led to a lot of confidence which in turn helped my speed. 

Hopefully I will be able to post on here more often, I have just been so busy that it’s hard sometimes.  Thanks for reading! Any questions just post in the comments section!