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Our golf discussion forum discusses the one and two plane golf swing theories and all other things golf. You can visit it at http://www.oneplanegolfswing.com/forum

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  1. thomas blinn

    Hogan v Woods
    I wouldn’t mind some feedback. As an artist I have drawn Hogan’s motion a zillion times and have cultivated a sense of intuitions that has changed the way I concieve of the swing.
    Woods characterizes his left hand as his control hand and his right as his speed hand. At first, it sounded good. But now I would depict Hogan’s RIGHT hand as his control hand and his LEFT as his speed hand. Just look at the functional use of the hands in the waggle, which mirrors the motion “in between the pockets” in the swing itself. His left hand, in concert with the rotating left side turns and juices the front bottom portion of the club through impact,the club functioning as a first class lever.
    The right forearm serves as a strut, in effect a fulcrum, resisting the cornering move of the left hand.
    In Hogan, I call the right arm, “the integrity arm” because once the elbow touches down against the ribs, the right forearm provides the circularity and the width. The left arm is “the rotary arm”, with it’s angularity supplies the consumating snap at the end.
    If the hands are to be,in theory, one corporate hand, the right is the president and the left is treasurer.
    Their push/pull behavior reflect the center of rotation in the grip area itself which I never hear any one talk about.
    Am I alone in these impressions?
    Thanks for the forum
    Thomas Blinn

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