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Our golf instruction homepage is at http://www.oneplanegolfswing.com

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  1. Rich Amoroso

    Hi Chuck,

    I just wanted to ask if you are familiar with Brad Redding. I took many a lesson with Brad and learned a whole lot about the golf swing. Your swing is picture perfect and in accordance with all that I learned from him.
    The sad part of this is that I was able to learn to swing the club and got really close to positioning myself very close to his wishes. However, my ballstriking (especially on the golf course) never really got that much better. I eventually gave it up and playing more by feel and my handicap (3.7)is now as low as it has ever been.

    My shortcoming in my ballstriking is still a lack of distance more than anything. I am 36 and in as good a shape as i was in my 20s. I am 5’5″, and weigh 143 lbs. Clubhead speed is 95 100mph at max with a driver. I don’t think I lost much flexibility.

    One thing that plagues my swing is that I cannot clear my hips at impact. I think it is a position that subconsciously feels “not square”, especially if I am trying to draw the ball.

    My questions for you are:
    Is your DVD anything different than what I spent a lot in lessons to learn?
    Is there any reason at this point of my life in trying to technically change what I am doing?
    Is working out really the only answer to gaining more distance?

    Hope you see this.

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