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RotaryGolfSwing.com Premier Instruction Website Nearing Launch

The premier golf instruction website, www.RotaryGolfSwing.com, is nearing launch! Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, this golf instruction website will be the standard by which all other golf instruction websites are measured! The new integrated and custom built video player keeps the videos ordered in the same format as the Rotary Swing Tour Hierarchy of Learning. Other improvements to the current www.RotarySwing.com website include a new navigation that keeps the video that you are on viewable in the navigation bar below the video screen. When you click a new video, only the video itself changes, the entire page is NOT reloaded!

New Rotary Swing Video Player

New Rotary Swing Video Player

The new video player loads very fast and is easy to use. ALL the videos are HD, allowing you to see detail like never before, yet encoded to allow even slower, older computers and slower internet connections to view the more than NEW 200 instructional videos.

The Online Golf Lessons system is also much improved and cleaner, allowing for easier reading of notes from your instructors and allowing you to upload multiple files at once. Another new feature is that you can now manually delete files that you have uploaded and deletes posts in the comments section.

If you haven’t visited the new site, there is a great description page available at http://www.rotarygolfswing.com/why-rotary-swing.php that describes the new website and learning system in great detail. We are hoping to launch by the end of November, 2009, so stay tuned!

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