Where in the world is CQ?

Hey guys, summer is sadly on the other side of the hill now for most of you as we near mid-August and I’ve been getting a lot of emails about what the heck I’m doing this summer and where’s the Christina Project? Don’t worry, it will be up and running soon, but you can blame the delay on me. I decided to spend my summer doing things I missed, hiking, climbing, biking, snowboarding, etc. in the mountains of Colorado. It’s been a major refresher for me and allowed me to charge my batteries for a very busy upcoming winter as we plan to do more clinics than we ever have as demand has exceeded the number of clinics I’ve done in the past.

With regards to demand, I want to personally thank you, the members, for referring so many of your friends to the Rotary Swing. In the past year, the website membership has more than doubled and demand for the Rotary Swing Tour swing model both online and in person lessons and clinics has been incredible, so thanks!

This winter will be a big one for those following RST as we continue to unveil more of the research we’ve done with TaylorMade Performance Labs and do new research to show you exactly how to build the safest and most efficient golf swing possible. But not before I sneak in one more mountain bike race! For those who have asked, that’s primarily what I have been doing this summer. I got my first downhill mountain bike 7 weeks ago and won my first downhill race today at Keystone. Obviously, to get a win after riding for only 7 weeks means that I’ve been riding – A LOT! And that’s where most of my time has gone. I decided that I wanted to do this, fell in love with it and am riding 3-4 days per week in the mountains. Here’s a pic of me on the podium from my race today (PS if you want to see video of me riding, go here: mountain bike videos):

Chuck Quinton 1st Place
Chuck Quinton 1st Place

Taking a break from golf has been very healthy for me and I look forward to coming back to Florida in October and starting up full swing again!

PS Tiger, you might consider a break too!

Chuck Quinton Praises FlightScope Support Team

In addition to relying on his FlightScope Prime for club fittings and as an instruction tool, Chuck Quinton knows he can rely on the FlightScope support team as well.

In addition to relying on his FlightScope Prime for club fittings and as an instruction tool, Chuck Quinton knows he can rely on the FlightScope support team as well:

“The FlightScope team has been unbelievably supportive through bugs, upgrades and just in helping learn all the new features of the software. Anytime I’ve had a problem I’ve been able to contact (a FlightScope Support Technician) and he’d come out to the course or even to my house after business hours just to make sure I was taken care of and happy with the product. You won’t find a better support team out there.”

This quote appeared in a press release that can be read in full here.

Learn more about FlightScope by visiting their website:  http://flightscope.com/.

-Josh Eaton, Business Manager

Rotary Swing Tour Certification Manual Review – 5 Stars

The word is in, the Rotary Swing Tour Certification Manual, my second book, has gotten rave reviews. Everyone has been very pleased with the book and it is now starting to be reviewed on Amazon.com at Rotary Swing Certification Manual Review

Add your review of RST Certification Manual by visiting Amazon.com today!