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Want to learn the simplest way to take the club back? The takeaway in the golf swing has been taught a million different ways, but none simpler than this! Learning how to use the correct muscles will give you a PGA Tour caliber takeaway in 5 minutes and dramatically simplify your takeaway once and for all.  Just read what others have said:

After watching the free videos, I quickly realized the golf action Chuck is teaching is based on common sense fundamentals that most tour professionals use today. I also realized Chuck had a talent for explaining the golf swing in a way that makes sense.”

-Michael B. | 5/28/10 | Tampa, FL | 2 Hdcp
Golf instruction video to develop a simple takeaway.

Golfer Turns to Rotary Swing Tour for Answers after Working with David Leadbetter for 6 Years

Golfers who are very serious about their games and understand the swing well typically stick with an instructor they believe shares similar ideas for a long time. Ik-Joon Lee falls under that category. After working with David Leadbetter for 6 years at the IMG Academy which costs over $50k per year for the privilege, Ik-Joon felt he was not getting the answers to his swing he was looking for. He always struggled with a weak, high ball flight and getting stuck on the downswing. After 6 years of being told his swing “looked great and it’s just in your head – you need to play more often”, he finally took a break from the game and believed what Leadbetter and his instructors were telling him.

It’s pretty frustrating to spend over $350,000 to be told essentially, “there’s nothing else we can do for your swing, it must just be you.” So when Ik-Joon got in touch with me for lessons he was pretty excited to find out that I DIDN’T believe that it was in his head but it WAS in fact in his poor mechanics. In fact, I saw quite a LOT wrong with his swing and felt that we needed to do some serious work on it. Over the next week, the transformation was quite incredible. Below is a pic of how we changed his impact position to produce a penetrating ball flight by using the drills and videos on this website. To find out more and read the rest of the story, visit


Former David Leadbetter Student switches to Rotary Swing Tour
Former David Leadbetter Student switches to Rotary Swing Tour

The Key SECRET to Longer Drives with the Golf Swing You Have Right Now!

Everyone wants to know how to hit the ball further. Different golf swing mechanics, different golf instruction, different golf swing model. But, do you know that you can hit the ball significantly further with one simple key? By applying the info in this golf instruction article, you can leave your golf swing exactly as is and pick 20 or more yards off the tee. Want to see how? Click here for the SECRET to Longer Drives

How Rotary Swing Golf Continues to Grow in Rough Economy

Rotary Swing Golf founder Chuck Quinton was recently interviewed as to how he has been able to grow his business to over 36,000 members in such a short period of time and continues to grow at over 25% per year even in this rough economy. Read the full interview here: