Perfect Impact Position Every Time

One of the defining hallmarks of the RST golf swing is getting into a perfect impact position, both biomechanically and from a physics point of view, every time. Here’s a pic of professional golfer Craig Morrow after his work this week with RST Founder, Chuck Quinton, at impact. Just for fun, we threw in a picture of Chuck at impact about 12 years ago in the middle and where he is today on the right. All we can say is “Ouch!” Good thing he invented RST or he wouldn’t be playing golf much longer swinging like that!

RST Impact Position

Author: Chuck Quinton

Author: Chuck Quinton is the founder of Rotary Swing Golf, a biomechanical and physics based approach to learning a safe and powerful golf swing. He was the first to online golf lessons and developed the first online golf instruction website.

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