Rotary Swing Backswing Enhancements

Continuing to work on the evolution of refining the swing into the simplest set of moving parts on the planet. Here is the swing from my book “The Rotary Swing” on the left and the swing on the right is after working on the changes with the new 2.0 model. 

It’s clear to see that I’ve not “pushed” from the left on the right sided picture and my hands have stayed in front of my chest just as they did at address. This means that I’ll have to do less work on the downswing to get them back in front of my at impact. The next sequence of photos is at the top of the backswing, or the completion of “Move 2”.

These changes have limited the arm swing significantly making the overall swing much easier to repeat, stay tuned for more!

Author: Chuck Quinton

Author: Chuck Quinton is the founder of Rotary Swing Golf, a biomechanical and physics based approach to learning a safe and powerful golf swing. He was the first to online golf lessons and developed the first online golf instruction website.

7 thoughts on “Rotary Swing Backswing Enhancements”

  1. Good job Chuck! You’re looking much more “Tiger-esque”. I’m always fighting swinging my arms back too far (they disconnect from my chest) especially on my longer clubs so any tips to keep them in-check will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I like the concept of arms “in front of body”, as I have a tendency to get my arms way too far back behind me and I cannot get back to impact in the correct sequence and position.

  3. Boy Chuck, I really like the arm position (right through the shoulders)in the older photo in “move 2” However, I think the club position is in a really nice position in the newer photo. Also, you seem to be a little more upright in the newer photos.

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