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Home Golf Instruction The Golf Swing For Seniors – Increasing Swing Speed As You Get Older

The Golf Swing For Seniors – Increasing Swing Speed As You Get Older

The golf swing for seniors is a little bit different than it was when you were younger. The fact is, there can be a good amount of decrease in clubhead speed and power as we get up in age.  If you’re senior and you’ve noticed this kind of a drop off, the reason isn’t quite what you think it might be.  In almost all cases, the decrease in clubhead speed isn’t because you’re older, it’s because you never released the club the right way to begin with.  Most golfers tell me they never really did hit it as far as they “felt” that they should have….and they’re right.  The biggest reason I see for lack of speed, especially in the golf swing for seniors is they never were releasing the club properly!

Golf Swing For Seniors

Seniors Lose Swing Speed As They Get Older

Everyone has hit a shot or two where the ball just exploded off the clubface. The problem is it was always difficult to replicate it and most never even realized why those shots were so good.  The “magic” lies in the WAY you release the club. Especially in a golf swing for seniors!  The release of your wrists properly is where two-thirds of your clubhead speed comes from.  The speed you once had when you were younger came from just that…..you were younger.  You could rotate faster and because most people try and get their speed from rotation instead of the release, as they get older it naturally slows down!

Now here’s the good news. Because you never learned to release the club properly, there’s a VERY good chance that you can actually hit it further as a senior than you did when you were younger.  The problem most people run in to is that what feels like power, or how you feel you’re generating power, really isn’t powerful at all.  What feels like power and truly IS power are two completely different things.  Most golfers start to see a drop off in distance around the age of 50. Due to the fact they’re not as flexible anymore, the clubhead speed they were able to generate drops. So while it still may feel like you’re generating power, in reality you’re not.  That’s why it’s so important that you understand the difference in body rotation and the speed you get from releasing the club properly.

You’d be amazed at how quickly you can pick up some extra yardage, especially when it comes to the golf swing for seniors simply from the release.  Players like Bobby Jones, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and more were all masters of getting into the proper release position. The good news is you can get there too and as a senior golfer, there’s nothing better than being the one who still has the distance they had when they were younger!    Want more info on swing speed?  Here’s some information on how to swing a driver in golf that will help you out!

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