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Home Golf Instruction RotarySwing.com’s Free Golf Instruction Videos Eliminate Golf Swing Confusion, Helping Golfers—and the Company—Improve

RotarySwing.com’s Free Golf Instruction Videos Eliminate Golf Swing Confusion, Helping Golfers—and the Company—Improve

Thanks to the Two-plus Hours of Free Golf Instruction Videos Online, RotarySwing.com’s Free Members Overcome Prior Golf Swing Confusion, Leading to Better Scores and Driving Many to Become Premium Members.

Windermere, Florida | September 4, 2010 — In March of 2010, RotarySwing.com introduced a free golf instruction membership that includes the basics of both the original Rotary Swing and the new Rotary Swing Tour (RST). Company founder Chuck Quinton contends that instructor preferences, fads, and gimmicks have left golfers confused about what to believe when it comes to golf instruction, and offering a library of free golf instruction videos built around the scientific “truths about golf instruction” has allowed Quinton to reach more players who have struggled to improve due to the contradictory and ambiguous nature of today’s traditional golf instruction.

John Neugent, owner of Neuvation Cycling and one of RotarySwing.com’s free members who later converted to Premium Membership, described his experience this way: “I can know what I am supposed to do rather than guess what I am supposed to be doing. I have lots of books but all of them really don’t tell you what to do. They tell you the result.”

Quinton refers to this as teaching “how” to move during the swing rather than teaching “what” club positions to hit.

“Too many instructors tell students to focus on golf club positions, even though the player has no idea how to move his body to get the club there,” Quinton explained. “The club doesn’t swing itself; it ends up in the right position only if you move correctly.”

Others have also expressed their relief at finding a free golf instruction video system that they can believe in.

“After watching the free videos, I quickly realized the golf action Chuck is teaching is based on common sense fundamentals that most tour professionals use today,” Michael Beaty, another member who upgraded to the paid membership, said. “I also realized Chuck had a talent for explaining the golf swing in a way that makes sense.”

In addition to offering fact-based, scientific golf instruction, the free golf videos contain extensive information that helps students understand the entire methodology.

“You provide a lot of freebies which are very substantive and not just the ‘tip of the week,’” Daniel Boers offered in a New Member Survey after choosing to go the premium route.

Parker Gallagher made the same membership decision and shared this: “Excellent, thorough, detailed and comprehensive free information had me wanting more and the price/value (of a Premium Membership) was excellent.”

While the Free Membership has been a hit with golfers searching for free golf instruction videos online, there were initial concerns that releasing so much information would reduce the desire for some potential customers to sign up for the paid membership.

“It wasn’t without risk,” RotarySwing.com founder Chuck Quinton said. “Some online instructors give you free videos that just contain hints at what they teach. Not us. The basics for my golf swing systems are now totally free. I took a chance that once people buy into my fact-based approach, they’ll see the value in continuing into the Premium Membership, which takes things to a whole other level with the largest library of consistent golf instruction videos on the web-—over 20 hours in total.”

Five months of results indicate the strategy has worked, according to Quinton, as Premium Membership has grown considerably since the free golf videos were added, despite the continued economic downturn.

From a student’s perspective, Dave Ramos, CEO of the Dashboard Group, made the switch from free to premium and seconds the notion that it worked. “I have been to golf camps, taken lessons with PGA professionals, watched videos, read magazines, and even bought stuff I saw on infomercials. Nothing worked. They all told me a different thing, often contradicting each other. In contrast, Rotary Swing is a comprehensive and integrated approach that is scientifically and biometrically proven. The lessons tell you exactly what to do, why you need to do it that way, and exactly how. This is not a quick-fix scam, but a sound, long-term strategy for great golf. Full speed ahead!”

Free and Premium Membership details are available at http://www.rotaryswing.com/golf-instruction/membership_info.php.

About Rotary Swing Golf

Rotary Swing Golf, LLC, was founded in 2006 by golf professional Chuck Quinton and is one of the world’s leading providers of subscription-based online golf instruction via RotarySwing.com, OnePlaneGolfSwing.com, and RotaryGolfSwing.com. These websites offer more than 180 instructional videos, totaling more than 20 hours of content, much of it available in high definition and on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. In addition, Rotary Swing Golf’s websites offer a podcast, golf training aids, online golf lessons, an active forum with nearly 5000 members, and club fittings. Quinton has authored two books: The Rotary Swing golf instruction book that has sold thousands of copies worldwide and the Rotary Swing Tour Instructor Certification Manual – Level 1. He has also produced the golf instruction DVDs Swing Plane Made Simple and Short Game Made Simple. More recently, Quinton founded the Rotary Swing Golf Academy at Sugarloaf Mountain near Orlando, Florida, and was the Teaching Professional at Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado during 2009.

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This release went out via PRWeb.com on 8/25/2010.  You can find the PRWeb version here.

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