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Down the Line View

One quick pic from down the line. You can see below how my foot has definitely stayed down longer into the follow through. This really gives me a great sense of more control and stability at impact and I’m really looking forward to getting this change down.

down the line follow through

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  1. rayvil01

    As you’re walking us through this swing change, you talked about changing something that was “automatic.” Typically, anytime I fool with something like that, the results go South…at least for a while. It’s a temptation to avoid the course for a while until it settles in. But, that’s not an option in your case. What’s the mental approach at the course as you go through a swing adjustment?

  2. When making changes in my swing, I focus on one thing at a time and don’t move on until I get it so that I’m not at a total loss trying to change 10 things at once. That makes it more managable and I can still play. The changes I’m making right now are drastic, but I’m doing them one piece at a time and in the right order so that I get where I’m trying to go in the end. I have a very clear picture of what I’m trying to do and the path to get there will take some time and I know that I have to be patient with the changes or else wonder around lost for a long time and that’s just a foolish way to make a change.

  3. BJ Miller

    If I have three things I’m working on, say, tempo, head relatively still and going with swing, and no lateral hip shift, I put our three piles of balls. The first pile is the tempo pile, the second the head pile, and the third the hip pile. Then, I hit a ball from the first pile with tempo being the swing thought. Next, I hit a ball from the second pile with the head swing thought. Then, I hit a ball from the third pile with hips as the swing thought. Then, I start the cycle again. I keep it up, and pretty soon I find that I am doing all three things each swing. This better to me than working soley on, say, tempo, and, in the process, grooving a swing with too much head movement and a lateral hip shift.

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