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Home Golf Instruction Does Jim Furyk Still Have It?

Does Jim Furyk Still Have It?

Jim Furyk, by all accounts, has had a great season this year on the PGA Tour. Unfortunately, it’s marred by his blowing the lead at the 2012 US Open and on the final hole against Matt Kuchar at Firestone. Now, once again, Furyk is in the lead at the Tour Championship and everyone must be asking themselve, “Will it happen again?”

No one likes to see collapses like Furyk’s and Adam Scott’s at the Open Championship, but it is a natural part of sports. You can’t have the good without the bad along the way. I, for one, wish Furyk the best and hope he closes the deal this week. I also hope that mentally he can push those demons aside and move forward confidently. It won’t be easy having two heart breaking defeats in recent memory. I do fear that if it comes down to the 18th hole again like it did a few weeks ago, that we may have to witness an even bigger collapse than the previous two because this one could be worth $10 million bucks and the Tour Championship!

A lot of people knock Furyk’s swing, and it is definitely not pretty or something myself, or anyone else for that matter, would ever teach a student. However, one thing should be taken from Jim Furyk’s swing this week – he has one of the most square paths through the hitting area of any PGA Tour player. TrackMan has measured his path as close to 0.0 degrees square and that’s one of the main reasons the Furyk is still on the Tour. He’s not a great putter, his short game is lacking, but if you have a square path, lots of good things can happen.

To learn more about what a square path is and how to get it, check out this great article: Building a square path with a FlightScope Launch Monitor
square path flight scope


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