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Pat’s Quest for the Tour

We’ve all hit that perfect shot or played that career round where everything felt so easy and wondered, “What if?” What if I had an instructor to help build my swing and a physical trainer to help build my body? What if I had the time and the resources to put into practicing and playing full time? What if I had the perfect equipment setup for my swing? What if?

While you may not have the opportunity to ever “give it a go,” you can atleast live vicariously through one of my students, Patrick McLamb. Pat is a 21 year old 10 handicap who has only been playing golf 2 years. I’ve been working with Pat for a few months a few times per month and recently he has decided to go through the rigors of trying to make it as a professional golfer. Over the coming months, you will be able to follow Pat’s progress, trials and triumphs, all online at www.OnePlaneGolfSwing.com/patsquest. Videos of his swing and lessons will be posted so you can see what he’s working on and watch as he improves and gets one step closer to achieving his dreams of one day playing on the PGA Tour.

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