Chuck Quinton on Golf Talk Radio with Mike and Billy

I recently did a radio interview with Mike and Billy of ESPN’s Golf Talk Radio to discuss my book, “The Rotary Swing” . These guys were really great fun to talk to and are serious golf nuts. They just posted the Podcast of the show, you can listen to it from their website here:

If that doesn’t work, you can download it directly from our site at


One thought on “Chuck Quinton on Golf Talk Radio with Mike and Billy”

  1. Great interview Chuck! I chuckled at the part where Mike and Bill mentioned how most instructors send the student away more confused than when they got there. That is so true, every instructor I have ever gone to has managed to twist my mind up. I for one will say that Chuck is the FIRST instructor that I have taken a lesson from feeling more knowlegable and confident about what I was doing. Not only did he explain everything in detail but it only took him 40 minutes to get me to hit the ball better than I have all year!

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