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Home Chucks Quinton's Golf Swing “300 Workout” Continues….

“300 Workout” Continues….

I’ve made some more progress from yesterday where I was actually pretty happy with the changes that showed up on film in such a short time. Today, I got even better results after my workout this morning. I notice that at certain levels of time, say after maybe every 60-80 swings I really catch on to something new and give it some focus as I continue. Here’s a screen capture from today on the left vs. yesterday on the right:

In this image, you can see I’ve gotten my wrist into a much better position. Doing the drill yesterday helped me get comfortable with a lot of things so that I could catch some more detailed things like this, but it came at a slight cost because I didn’t post on the¬†left leg as well. That’s why it’s important for me to stick with the core drills for 3,000 reps without getting off on too far of a tangent because my body hasn’t “memorized” the work from the day before, it needs more repetition. So, after I stopped and looked at this for a minute I realized that I needed to keep focusing on rotation as well, but am still much happier with this position coming down into impact, it’s much more powerful with less effort.

It is nice when hard work on your golf swing produces visible results!

It is nice when hard work on your golf swing produces visible results!

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3 Responses

  1. rayvil01

    Interesting comparison between the two sets of pics looking at your head angle. Hard to tell if it’s the different hat, but it looks like you’re head is more upright yesterday. Sure looks like you’re looking more straight down today.

    Big lag. Almost Sergio-esque.

  2. I did steepen my spine angle today. That’s one of the changes I needed to make while Alison was here but didn’t like it on top of everything else, so I’m slowly working it in.

  3. orizonalpha

    Chuck this blog is awesome. Can’t wait to see the first member’s vault video. I started my own Spartan 300 yesterday. It took me about 1:40. Its amazing how as you get into it you become aware of how different parts of your body are working.

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