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Tiger Woods Biomechanics

I just completed an article on Tiger Woods’ Biomechanics and how it pertains to the Rotary swing 2.0 fundamentals that you guys will be learning this winter. Here is the link to the article:


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12 Responses

  1. orizonalpha

    Great article Chuck.

  2. rayvil01

    It is a very good article. Well done, Chuck.

    I’m a little curious about your experience a couple of years ago pursuing the “Haney Swing” vis-a-vis the revelations of the last ten days. Tiger, at that time, seemed to be chasing “Plane Perfect.” Bio-mechanically perfect and plane-perfect must equal Hard-to-beat.

  3. Ray, at the end of the day, the club can do a lot of things and as long as the body moves correctly, the golf ball will go. That being said, I absolutely have a preference for both the better player and the higher handicap player, and then also base it on what the golfer does naturally in his swing. For instance, I love Tiger’s release because it allows him to control the loft on the face so well. The face is never adding loft through impact, it is always delofting through the hitting area including the release where the clubface is released hard to a “shut” position. For mastering ballflight control, this is the best way to release the club. But, a 10-20 handicapper need not worry about it, so for him, a release more with the body is preferable.

  4. striker

    Simpley wondering how much of this can be attributed to Haney? And if Haney did play a important role how did Tiger manage to choose someone who gave hime what we are now calling a biomechanically correct swing? Or is after Haney?

  5. striker

    oops, writing error, I meant Or is this swing after Haney.

  6. Striker, I would have to say none of this goes to Haney’s credit. Tiger has always used his body very well from day one. Haney clearly states that he has little concern for the body in the golf swing, he is exclusively concerned with the plane of the shaft throughout the swing. Tiger is a great athlete, or atleast, “golflete” because he instinctively knows how to use his body in the most powerful and correct way possible without thinking about it or even knowing how he does it. He’s always had tremendous coil, tremendous unwinding and power from the big muscles.

  7. Alex McPherson

    I read the coiled up post and found something very interesting. You stated that your swing is so coiled that you couldn’t hold it at the top if you tried to. I was wondering how can I get this feeling because I started the 300 workout today and didn’t get that sensation that I’m looking for.

  8. Alex McPherson

    Sorry I mean the Torque’d up… Hope you can help me out

  9. Alex, I don’t feel it quite as much right now doing the “300″ workout, just in doing full speed swings. But the key is coiling correctly. I highly recommend you watch the videos on Alison’s website until I put some videos up in the Vault about this.

  10. striker

    Chuck, so all a golfer has to do is focus on correct body rotation and the proper swing plan will happen automatically, just an afterthought. What’s not to like about that!

  11. hayes959

    I go back and look at these stills and see some different things each time. Notice how from photo #2 to #3, how much Tiger has squatted and how much his head has dropped. Note the person in Red behind his head to see the drop.
    Then in #4 notice how wide and open Chuck’s chest is and how Tiger has compressed his shoulders and it appears that he is hitting more against his left shoulder. Also, Tigers front shoulder moves up and behind his head, not out and around.

  12. Hayes this is all due to the fact that I don’t use my right arm the way tiger does. I pull more with the left side and that gets my shoulders open at impact. Both ways are correct but I’m switching to using my right arm in the downswing so you will start to see this change.

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