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Finally played golf today…

I’ve been working hard on the changes and been busy teaching, so it was nice today to get out and actually play golf. Yesterday, I was doing the first day of a mini 2 day clinic for a couple of students and in the afternoon we went out and played 9 holes. This was the first time that I’ve played with someone since embarking on all these changes, previously I’ve just played on my own and practiced, so there’s a bit more pressure (if you let there be!) than when nobody’s watching. What would happen in the real world?

To say the least, I was very pleased! I hit the ball as well as I ever have, in all honesty. The first 6 holes I hit every fairway and every green and did so authoritatively. Right down the middle with all my tee shots, perfect control over my ball flight, unbelievably flat trajectory with the longer clubs and I hit the irons relatively close. I almost made a hole in one on the 5th hole par three from 160 with an 8 iron that stopped a foot from the hole. I had two loose tee balls that found the rough, but that was it and I still hit the green from there anyway. In fact, I didn’t miss a green and only missed two fairways. It was only 9 holes of focused play, but it was a VERY solid 9 holes and gave me a lot of reinforcement in the changes I’m making.

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  1. role

    Nice going Chuck. Sounds like you had a great day.

  2. tuporaqui

    Cool, Chuck. Glad you could get it to the course. Did yoe tried teaching RS2 keys in the clinic? What do Paul and Adrian think about the changes? Have you talked to them?

  3. striker

    If a low handicapper like you can benefit from these swing changes, than us higher handicapper definitely have a lot to look forward to. The Mid West cold season has put a delay on my 2009 1st round, hopefully it will go fast, but I don’t need to wishing my life away either.

  4. rayvil01

    Excellent! It’s great to see that all this technical work will transmit to the course. Body-driven. You’re on to something. Looking very forward to you getting the business arrangements worked out with Allison. I want to get cracking on building block #1.

  5. I’ve not spoke with Paul or Adrian about any of these changes. As for implementing the changes in my lessons, I’ve actually been using alot of the stuff from RS2.0 in my lessons for the last two week, so everyone who’s been getting lessons has already been learning some of the more in depth 2.0 concepts. I’ll post some video of a lesson I did this week soon that deals with this guy’s balance and setup that made a HUGE impact in his ball striking.

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